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Oct 2, 1998
It's the first of the month, and that means it's time for a new <a href="" target="_blank">front page</a> to the forums.

This month's cover features the Uluchet, by Turner Manufacturing, and of course, the Blue Native.

There's even a Plug for Walt's M2K problem...<G>

Anyhow, check it out, enjoy, and good luck to you all for this month's giveaway.


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Nice cover page. Forgive my ignorance but could please explain the Uluchet? What is the purpose and main functions of this knife? It looks neat, but I'm not sure how I would use it.


I think that it would work best as sort of a skinning axe...either that or a sheeple freaker...

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I am sure Turner Manufacturing will help answer but I have played with it and it appears to be a great little skinning axe/skineer/sheeple-freaker

Don't use the acronym

Anyway it is really pretty darn cool and for those who go hunting or backpacking this is the tool for you. If folds down into the handle which makes it very compact. I beleive the blade is ATS-34.

Here is some info stolen from their site.

The ULUCHET© is an innovative folding handle hatchet with a sleek curved blade, based on the Alaskan ulu, that is designed for skinning, cutting and chopping. The dog bone shape of the handle fits comfortably in your hand whether open for chopping or folded for skinning and cutting. It carries comfortably in the folded position, protected within a custom leather sheath. The ULUCHETS© folded length is only 6.5 inches, it opens to 9.5 inches and weighs a mere 10.5 ounces, 15 ounces with the sheath.

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Kodiak PA, Myco & Mike:

Greg, The Uluchet was designed mainly for hunting but also makes a very good survival tool. The cover only shows it in the open position, however the handles fold so it can be used in a knife fashion, this also makes it alot nicer to carry. The designs purpose is to provide a tool that can adapt to the users needs in the field wether it be field dressing, skinning and quartering game or building a shelter and getting wood for a fire.
Myco, yes it can be a sheeple freaker (the sheath looks like a pistol holster) and that's not PC.
Mike, the blades are D-2 @ 56-58 Rc with a cryo treatment and are quite tough, the Uluchet was included in Cliff Stamps review of several knives recently.
One other aspect of the Uluchet is its sharpness, Scott Evans (he's working on some Kydex sheaths) said it is the sharpest hatchet type knife he's ever handled.
Sorry about the length of the reply guys.
Cougar Allen had the link up before I posted, Thanks.
YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

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Thanks for the replies guys. Define sheeple freaker and I promise to go crawl back into my holes.

Thank you