New guy sayin hi.

Jan 3, 2007
Hello everyone. Just decided to regester on here. I haven't had much time to look around, you have a ton of info. on here for me. Just wanted to say hello. Right now I am looking to get a new kife. I am looking at a Emerson CQC-11 or maybe a Strider. Im not in a hurry so I will do a lot of research here. I am sure I can find the answers to any questions I have about either. Or if anyone has any other ideas I am open to them.
Welcome to BF!! If you try the advance search, you will find a lot of thread on Emerson, as well as Strider knives. But, the search doesn't work for everyone. Let us know!
Welcome aboard! Like TKC said, you can find a ton of information here to help with any knife purchase, and other goody purchases also. :D
Welcome aboard! Read and learn as much as you can. Don't be affraid to buy a couple knives and return the one you don't like. Alot of great brands-Emerson,Strider,Spyderco,BM,Microtech and CRK.