New Guy

Feb 28, 1999
First post. I've been lurking around for about a week, and I've been impressed and a little humbled.
I thought I knew knives, but I've read things here that have spun me around.
I can sharpen knives (I'm the guy whose friends bring their dull knives to), but I have things to learn about that, too.
I bought my first good knife (Randall Number 1, $40) from a friend who brought it back from Vietnam after Tet, and my second from a then-obscure Jimmy Lile for $35 at a shopping center show. I have neither of these now, more's the pity.
I am polite and not a flamer, so I hope to fit in. Additionally, I bring a wealth of experience in how to justify the purchase of these necessities to wives, a skill I haven't observed in much use so far. (Buy a motorcycle or home-built aircraft magazine, and they're delighted to have a small knife package show up in the mail.)
I have not been here long my self I check
everyday for new post, for info or just a
good chuckle Mike
Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll find that this is as nice a group of individuals as you're likely to find anywhere. Jump right in and start posting!

Chris Canis


I lurked for many months on other forums and a couple of months here before joining in. I also feel pretty humble here.

I offer what little I can and learn a whole lot about knives by what I read. It's a great experience to be able to post without having to worry about flames (like many of the usenet groups and some forums).

If your budget can stand it, there are some pretty good deals to be found here and some great sources for purchases revealed and discussed. I'm a knife nut on a budget, so the good deals are pretty important to me.

I still lurk on other forums and rec.knives, but I am only posting here regularly.

Welcome to you too mr mike!
Walker...Welcome to the forums..I'm fairly new myself and I've learned tons..its a great place for a knife nut..But I should tell you, I'm the king of getting knives past the wife, and for that matter guns to!!!
Someday we'll trade notes..

Hi Walker & welcome.

It's kinda timely that the topic of justifying to / getting knives past significant others just came up. I mentioned recently in another thread that black handles can get boring but do make much of my collection indistinguishable to my wife. Well, my stainless handled Native just arrived today. I was sitting there a few minutes ago playing with it when my wife looked over & asked, "Where did that one come from?" -- Busted!


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Welcome Walker. I consider this site to be a wonderful gift to the knife community around the world and am glad you are here to enjoy it with us.
(OK sometimes I get a little mushy)
Hey Walker glad you are here. you said something about home-built aircraft have you built one. I am working on an ultralight the minimax. Good to see somebody else that like the skies.

-Greg Johnson

Walker, have found a home! This a great place to post your opinions and informative responses...don't be shy. As far as getting your wife to understand knife purchases...I figured this one out some time ago. You got it...turn her into a knife enthusiast too. Buy her something nice, something she can clip to her'll be in like Flynn. Worked for me anyway!!!


Jump in the water is warm.
I know next to nothing about knifes except that I like them. Hasn't stop me from posting. Certainly, haven't got flamed yet.

Talking about getting busted, I was talking with two high school buddies I haven't seen in over 25 years at a wake. Somehow, the issue of knives came up. Each of us pulled out a Spydie -- an Endura and a Delica and my Native. That was chuckle. I also had my Crawford KFF. So, I showed that. One of the friends, evidently, is now a knife Knut and collects them. He looked at the KFF and said, "must cost around $450 (right on mark)." Just then, my wife walked by and heard. She said, "It costed what!?" My reply, "Honey, it's custom made. It's cheaper than a shotgun." I think the lesser of the two evils sort of worked this time around...

Welcome, you got my interest with your expertise in maintaining marital bliss while indulging in pursuits that bring you pleasure. I’d be interested in any tips you could put forth.

Perhaps you could moderate a new forum here where we could share experiences and techniques. Anyone have a idea for a name for such a forum? Mine might be the Happy Hubby Forum.

( the following post is made half in jest, half in desperation)

HOWDY Walker,welcome!
This is a great place to hang and a bit habit forming,but hey, better than watching TV
Man, you can learn bunches here..and the laughs are numerous! Jump right in a post a topic! Well enjoy,I hear my wife callin.."are you in that knife place again"Yes dear I'm coming....

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem...
ok I have a problem!
Welcome to the Forums!! I don't know much myself, but being here has allowed me to learn more, and every now and then repeat the little bit I do know.

Thanks, folks. I hope I'll have something to contribute.

Greg, no aircraft, but I came close a couple of times, and flew in the Air Force.

sing, "cheaper than a shotgun" is good. I like "It's great investment," too, and all you have do do in a long career of knife buying is to sell one at a higher price than you paid for it. The credibility lasts a long time.

LD, I'm just glad to be here, and I want to give something back to the community.
I like the "it's an investment". That's one I find effective. This works best for me on the older blades where I can quote from Levine's or another knife book. Doesn't work as well for me on new blades.

Did you say sell?!? You have to sell to maintain credibility? Shhhh! Don't say that one too loudly.

The "cheaper than a ________" is really a good flexible one.

Don't forget the sale angle (quoting original price) - see how much I saved on this one!

This could really be a great thread by itself. See what you started Walker.