New Herbst, New Forum- like 'em both

Nov 14, 1998
Hi Sal, guys-

Glad to see there's a Spyderco forum! I recently purchased a Peter Herbst and I love it. As this was my first higher end Spyderco I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and solid it was. Not to mention the overall design and functionality. Looks beautiful and handles all of my light duties with ease. Great knife indeed.

Now I'm after a Wegner Jr. I've heard some great things about them. I never thought too highly of the thumb hole previously, but on my Herbst, it's almost too easy to use. I've heard the hole on the Wegner Jr. is kind of small. I want to stick with the size of the smaller Wegner, but not if the thumb hole is too small. Any thoughts?

Sal- nice to see you are involved directly with these forums- I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read these threads, I'm sure we all appreciate it!


P.S. There is a number on the blade of my Herbst. Any significance? Or do they all get that? Thanks.

Sal Glesser

Dec 27, 1998
Clip point - All collaboration designs are numbered for the first 1000 pieces. Thanx for the encouragement.