New Hogue Doug Ritter RSK Mk3-G2 Review


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Mar 9, 2018
Just received this yesterday and wanted to share some insights on this newly released knife.

I’ll start off by mentioning that if you frequent this board, you should know who Doug Ritter, @Critter, is and you should support his efforts. Doug is a giant in our shared interest and he has continuously focused his efforts on combating antiquated and draconian knife legislation throughout the United States. I cannot stress how important his work through Knife Rights is:

My understanding is that in order to Fund his efforts he has regularly partnered with certain manufacturers to make knives under the “Doug Ritter” brand. I have owned several different models over the years and have come to realize that they all possess two consistent traits: they are of exceptional value and quality.

All that said, the Knifeworks Exclusive Doug Ritter RSK Mk3-G2 is another home run. At nearly $200 the price might give some initial sticker shock, however, I can firmly state that this knife is worth every penny (and more!).

This knife is manufactured by Hogue. Being my third Hogue Ritter, I am steadfast in my opinion that Hogue makes exceptional knives. This knife features CPM s45vn steel which is fairly new to the market and is supposed to be an upgrade from s35vn. I have heard good things, but to be fully transparent, it is the first knife I own with it, thus, at this point I cannot speak to the steel’s qualities. I would mention that this knife comes sharp; it easily shaved hair from my arm.

Totally subjective, but this knife feels exceptional in my hand. Its scales are nicely textured g10. The scale’s size and shape is similar to the Ritter folder (and of course the Benchmade Griptilian) that many here own and have praised, but as a fixed knife should, it comes with a much more robust blade. The combo of the shape and the textured g10 naturally sink in and lock in my medium sized hand. Not only do I feel as if I have a firm grip, I am also impressed by its incredibly comfortable ergonomics. I have seen some concern expressed that the handle is short and yes, it is a little shorter than the Ritter folder; truthfully, unless one has unusually large sized hands, I think this will work for many different hand types as it naturally wants to nestle in the palm with your fingers locked around it. The handle also firmly establishes the knife’s orientation, it’s not going to slip or rotate.

Gripping the RSK Mk3-G2, feeling it’s weight, how solid it is, and resting my thumb against the superbly done jimping, I can’t help but think how badly this knife is telling me that it wants to be used (and used in a hard fashion).

Finally, I have to acknowledge the sheath that comes with it. Usually, I’m not a fan of soft sheaths. They are adequate but I find them to be needlessly large, loose, and baggy. Not so with this knife. This might be the best soft sheath I have ever encountered. It is streamlined and holds the knife without any room for rattling around.

My final thoughts; this is a knife that is designed and executed exceptionally well. Hogue is very mindful of details. If you were thinking about getting this knife, I would thoroughly recommend it. Your purchase also supports Knife Rights and that is a most worthy cause. I can’t wait to test this bad boy out!

I hope this review provided some useful insight.

Stay safe and much prosperity, everyone! :thumbsup:


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Feb 2, 2005
Yes, thanks. That's a nice overview of the new FB. The size comparison with the folders is also very helpful. Don't know anything about S45VN, I've never owned anything with that steel. I'm also impressed with Hogue's version of the Ritter folders. They lengthened the mini just enough for me to get 4 fingers on the handle. That was always my issue with the BM mini-Grips. I can't manage a 3-finger knife anymore. Hands and fingers are too old, stiff, and "senseless" these days.

I also like the mods Hogue made to the AXIS lock once it came out of patent protection. Wolff seems to have provided them with (possibly) a highly dependable omega spring by lengthening the spring and reducing the amount of flex involved in actuating the spring to open the lock. I saw a disassembly video on YouTube a while back that showed the differences in BM's Ritter and Hogue's Ritter. That was one of the changes that the host brought out.

Enjoy the new FB!
Sep 10, 2015
Thank you for the review.
Do you have a picture from the top to show the thickness of the blade and handle compared to the Ritter folder?


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Mar 26, 2007
Nice Review. I really like those Hogue Starburst pattern Handles,I'm sure they're very comfy.
Aug 17, 2001
That Doug Ritter Becker looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Love it :D
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