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NEW ICQ Active list!! Read please

Jun 15, 1999
I just made a new active list for ICQ for all bladeforum members to join. The number for the list is 49432895

Join now, but I'll authorize everyone later.
I'm almost always online, and all members should be able to interact with one another. Join and have fun.. Find the topic ICQ list #'s if your not farmiliar with ICQ lists, all explained there

Mike, Spark - I put the link to bladeforums on the the site. If you don't want it up there, just message me and let me know.

gotta go, late

Ok, the ICQ active list for Bladeforusm is up now, there should be no problems. I'll be out most of today, back in later tonight, so feel free to ICQ me any questions, or post them up here, and I'll respond asap.

My ICQ# is 12223150
Bladeforum active list # is 49432895

Pardon a techno-peasant, but what is an ICQ list?

Walk in the Light,

Hello Hugh,

According to ICQ, this is what an ICQ Activelist is:
ICQ Activelists are communities connected to a local server, managed and controlled by ICQ Users for ICQ Users.

hmmm.. sounds like an online community forum to me, similar implications. I tried clicking on the help file to find out more about it, but it seems that the info isn't available on ICQ yet.

You can add it to your ICQ if you're using the latest versions like 99b.
Just click on the "SERVICES" button, choose "ICQ ACTIVE LIST" then "FIND/ADD AN ICQ ACTIVE LIST". Then you can add the BFC Activelist #49432895, send a request, then wait for the authorization.

OK, thanks, Danny, but why? I mean what is the purpose? and what is an ICQ?

Walk in the Light,

Hugh- ICQ is a way of chatting with or messaging people online. You can rename people, and it'll notify you (usually with some kind of sound) when people are online. Other than chatting, it provides a slightly more informal (if it's possible) method of talking with people than email. Plus you don't have to check for mail - it'll tell you when somebody sends something.

Tuff- I take it we have to download the new version to be able to take advantage of this? How does the active list work? Is it basically just grouping people?
It's a way for knife nuts to talk one one one, and a way to get a quicker response if somebody wanted some help on making a knife or something, and needed step by step instructions. Just another way for peopel to talk, a lot of people have been doing it.
Yes you need ICQ 99B to use active lists, it'll be in all the ICQ versions from here on out.
There's people who still don't know what ICQ is? Wow...crazy.
In the future, please ask before using the BladeForums.com name for anything, ok? We're not upset, but it would be nice to know if someone out there is doing stuff and representing it as if it was official to this site.

Anyhow, don't forget that we already have an IRC channel on Dalnet. Also, a 3000 member ICQ list is pretty massive, so don't go to hog wild including everyone....


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

Insert witty quip here
Ok. The dalnet server seems to never have anyone on is the problem. Plus I'm just trying to make an active list, and this seemed like a good topic to have one on.
I'll won't use the the URLto the site, not a problem, it's why I asked you bout it
List is up and running folks. Feel free to try it, already got some people.
Hey, this idea might not work, then again it might, who knows. Just an experiment is all
Hi Hugh!

Well, I think the guys above already beat me to answering your question.

Basically, ICQ is really no different than sending/receiving emails. But when both parties are online, it happens in real time.

As to the list itself, I guess it's just a way of grouping us knife-knuts together in one place, of course that can also be achieved by ICQ's grouping capability.

Try to get a copy of ICQ from http://www.mirabilis.com and hope to see you online real soon.

Right. Just a way to talk with forum members about other things and learn more about each other I guess...
What is the name of the Bladeforums channel on Dalnet? I just let it list 9256 and don't see one named Bladeforums.

It won't show up on the list. All you have to do is type in "#bladefourms.com" in your channel folder, then click add, then just double click it. Busy times are usually around 8-11 pacific, these days.