New images in stag - S.R. Johnson

Sep 24, 2001
Some images of some of my stag handled knives using a clay floor tile as a backer and natural sunlight through the window.
What an absolutely beautiful collection of stag.I mean all of them.:D Thanks for sharing and share some more.
Great knives..

I have always admired his work.. I especially like the lower one with the bolster.


Great knives. You have top-level taste! Sorry these lack a little 'soul', though.... ;) (just a kidding remark from an old thread. These have all the soul we need!)

Personally I prefer these to the Loveless knives. I find the fit and finish to be of a higher grade. (Did I just say that?:footinmou)
I'll very carefully say that I have to agree. If you could see the bolster on the lower knife, it takes a careful examination to be sure its not an integral. Finish, polish, etc are masterful. But speaking of the master... Loveless just has the history!
I think it is safe to say Bob and Steve have approached their own levels of zen and each can be enjoyed in their own special way.

Of course, I am biased to the Johnson camp just a tad:)