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Oct 10, 1998
I guess that Bud Lang is too modest to ring his own bell. That is kind of refreshing. Anyway, he sent me the information below. Sounds great to me. KI has not been the same since he left.



BLADES International is an all-new electronic cutlery magazine, the first to appear on the world wide web, and the first to really dedicate space to knife makers, artists and knives from around the world. Following more than 40 years of editing magazines that were sold everywhere, and traveling throughout North American and much of Europe and Norway attending knife shows and visiting shops in these locations, it was decided to create the first electronic magazine for knife people.

By necessity, I will keep this brief, while providing you with an outline of what you may expect when BLADES International is up and moving. Following a magazine format as much as possible, we will be offering an exceptional array of articles dealing with both custom knives AND high quality production knives. Lots of photos to view, too, and information that is easy to read, and exact.

We will present at least a half-dozen major articles when the site opens, along with many pages of general interest articles dealing with knives. These articles will remain posted as we continually add to the site. Eventually some of the older pieces will be archived, thus they will still be available.

You'll also find smaller segments dealing with international shows, schools, and more. Links to just about everyone in the knife world who is on the net, categorized by country, will also be available.

Because the lead-time, from now until our site is open, is somewhat extensive, we can't tell you exactly what articles are scheduled for "opening day." Hundreds of people we'll be working with know, however, as we've been in touch with them for some time. We CAN promise you this. You won't be sorry you visited BLADES International when it opens up.

If you are a knife maker, bladesmith, engraver, scrimshander, carver, or other artist involved in the creation of fine custom knives, or if you're involved with high quality production knives, send us some exceptional color photographs of your work today, along with caption information. We prefer photographs, but if you can send high resolution CDs, they'll work, too.

While we have built up a large database of email addresses, some have certainly changed. We hope to update it soon. There are others we are not aware of, certainly, so if it's not asking too much, would you mind spreading the word, relaying our email address to those customers and friends. We will immediately send this message to those people, too. Submit photos or CDs to the following address: Bud Lang, 591 E. Candlewood St., Brea, CA 92821. Email messages may be sent to Bud at:

In closing, will you send a one line confirmation notice that you received this message, to guarantee that your address is correct, etc.

Thanks, Bud Lang
Thanks A.T. I would have to wager that Bud's magazine is going to be a fantastic source of infomation and enjoyment for a lot of us.
I am ready to sign up now.
Howdy There....!
Boy, that sounds great...! I have been waiting for for Mr. Bud to get himself back into theknife world with something new. Can't wait for it to happen, please keep us posted on the schedule.

Later "Possum":eek:
I hope EVERYONE on here gets behind this....If Bud is in charge it will be a very good source. He already has a number of people donating NICE knives as prizes.......just join up and you are registered. :)
As usual, am confused.

Are we who wish to be considered as customers supposed to write to Mr. Lang's email address, or only those involved directly in the business? Sorry, but it isn't clear to me.

I have been waiting for this ever since Bud first posted that he was thinking of doing this. Please keep us informed as you get more information.

This is very exciting, and I am sure, will be a vast source of information. Make sure you ask Bud to hurry as fast as he can.:D
I rubbed elbows with Bud once at a So.Cal Blades meeting at Bill Herndons place... That and my meeting Mr. Loveless are my 2 brushes with "Greatness" :) Cant wait to see this new venture, and would LOVE to be part of it in the future...

Trace Rinaldi
I'm very excited about this! :)

I agree that KI is not even close to the same magazine as it was when Bud was there. I still get it, but instead of reading one issue for hours, I read through it in about an hour now.

Fortunately for me, I ran into Bud down at the Eugene show the year before last. Nervously I said, "Mr. Lang, it's very great to meet you, and I was wondering if you could take a look at this folder I made at JP Moss's shop."

Bud looked at it and talked to me like he'd known me for years. A very great man.

Definitely looking forward to this new venture! :)