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Oct 3, 1998
Our forum moderator is once again quoted in the lastest Blade on Tactical Knives.The cover knife is a Gigand by Fred Carter I have heard zero feedback on this company here on the forums.The knives seem very nice in appearance. The cost seems reasonable but I have not handled one so have no Idea as to the craftmanship of the company.I would imagine that they are being imported from the mysterious far east.Anyone want to comment on these knives?
I, too, read the comments by James in the new Blade. Way to go! You've come a long way , baby. Of course, anyone who's read your posts in the various forums has seen all that stuff before. I kinda feel like others are just now discovering something a lot of us already knew - James is an all around knowledgable guy. Kudos!

Sorry, Bob. I don't know a thing about the Gigand knives. I've seen them advertised plenty, though. If they are good I have no doubt this forum will spread the word.


The Morning Glory Dagger is available only in limited edition. At 15"" long, with the gleaming
black nickel and gold plated scrollwork running down the blade and around the guard, this is
a work of art that you can't afford NOT to add to your collection.

Collectors wait years and pay thousands of dollars for similar works of art. Through the
miracle of modern technology, you can own one immediately for much much less.

The Jim Bowie commemorative knife, by award winning designer Dr. Fred Carter, is a recreation of his "Best of Show" bowie 1996 Florida Art Knife Invitational. Brilliant gold plating and laser imaging are combined to reproduce this masterpiece.
The 24 karat gold plated scrollwork and
unique photo imaging give new life to the traditional bowie.
Handle, guard and blade are richly decorated in 24 karat gold plating
Each knife comes with a gold plated card, personally signed by Dr. Fred Carter.
A beautiful wooden display case is provided to protect the knife
They are made by Seto Cutlery Mfg. Co, Ltd. of Japan. I have both in stock and can ship to the dealer of your choice.

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