new Jerry Hossom knife


Oct 4, 1998
It is small, at least compared to what I have seen from him before :). It has a 5.5" blade and is 11" overall. Maple burl scales. It fits my hand like a glove. I guess that is why he asked for my hand measurements.


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Jerry definitely excells at getting a good handle fit for the user, in addition to creating some awesome blade styles. :)

That is one of the small ones as far as Hossoms go. Guess you'll just have to move up to a bigger one. :D
I picked one up from him at the Blade show that is very similar, just bigger!

Mine is 6 3/4 inch blade, 12 1/2 inch overall. Sweet knife, very nasty fighter with a balance that only Jerry can do! Like he says, "You can't see balance, you gotta feel it!"

Enjoy it!

Vince :D
Exactly V.Oller! The Balance it just so on this knife. I have not been able to put it down since I got it.
Thats one beautiful knife RJ!:eek: <p> I love the handle, and that grind isn't too shabby either... Is the top grind sharpened?
The top grind is sort of sharpened. It is not razor sharp but it will cut. I think it was left that way so I could sharpen it if I wanted and it was legal.

Beautiful knife! Mr. H is high on my list of makers from whom I wish to buy knives. Another one sort of slipped in and I ordered my first from him, but who knows how soon I'll again feel the spirit?
Many times the top edge of knives are left with more of a working edge for chopping or other "rough" tasks. Don't know if that was the intent here, but I would suspect it.