New Job, New State...what about my KNIVES!

Oct 20, 1999
I recently accepted a job up in Conn., and I have heard some really interesting things. A friend of mine told me that there are some very strict laws concerning the carry of "concealed" pocket knives up there. Is there any truth to this?

I will be working in a Department of Defense regulated/sanctioned facility,(Don't bother interjecting any guesses) so I would be forced to carry something that has been deemed acceptable by Uncle Sam, but I would still be carrying something...anything!

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I was hoping that I could get away with possibly a Delica, or a small William Henry, possibly even my Viele collaboration...HELP!

Steve in NYC...not for much longer!

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I'm not an expert, I don't live in Conn, I'm simply an engineer that works with the Treasury Dept systems.

IIRC, the govt in general has a 3" limit for pocketknives. My knives have never been a problem except for the one time I went to ATF's building in DC. They have a metal detector. I gave them my knife to keep while I was inside. None of the other places I've been have detectors, so there has been no problem. I even use it openly from time to time (used it at another ATF site while installing cable). I think your WH or Viele would past muster as long as you're low key and the blade is less than 3". Check it out first.

I used to live in NJ that didn't give anyone any garbage about carrying a pocketknife "concealed".
But I moved to Nevada, and discovered that doing the same here would cause me grief.. BUT.. carrying a knife with a pocketclip is acceptable.
Before moving, I called the Nevada Highway Patrol (Our version of the state police) and told them I was moving, and I'd carried a knife with me for over 20 years, and didn't wanna find myself in jail for doing the same thing in Nevada. The officer advised me that knives with pocketclips are acceptable, and even specified the Spyderco Police model... which is pretty large and somewhat nasty looking.
I've been here almost a year carrying that blade and have had no problems whatsoever. Only time the knife was questioned was when I was seeing my wife off on a trip at the airport, and I forgot to leave the Spydie in my truck before going through the metal detectors... I was stopped and scolded, but allowed to go on.
I'd presume that the same concept would apply in Conn. If it's got a pocketclip, and that clip's not hidden by clothing, whatever, there shouldn't be a problem.
To make sure though, yo can call the office of the Attorney General. You COULD ask law enforcement, but it's been my experience that police tell you what THEY'D like you to do, rather than what the actual laws are.
I just contradicted myself, didn't I?

Hope that helps,

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As far as I know,automatics are legal in CT. Check it out, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Of course your employer's rule are an entire different story.
DANGELO You might want to search the Connecticut Penal Codes to find out what you want to know. Try
I looked for alittle while at the codes and I am not to computer literate so if you are more experienced you will do better. Hope this helps.
i work in a fed hospital- and this is in PA. We aren't allowed to have ANYTHING at work- not a kubaton-looking device, not ANY knife, nothing that can be viewed by the VA admins as a "weapon." This rule is worse than the general statements i've read concerning state laws....your workplace sometimes is much much more stringent in restricting anything they don't like....meanwhile there are hemostats, nurses shears, pointy surgical things, regular scissors, etc., all over (not to mention carving knives and cake knives laying out in every nurses station for any parties they have)....
of course, i comply 100% with their rules....and i have NEVER EVER made friends with the VA police by getting lots of interest stirred up in the hobby we all have here!!!
I also work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, although for the Benefits Administration rather than the Hospital Administration like Kelt34. As a consequence, I find myself working in "federal facilities," as I suspect you will be.

My suggestion would be to start off with something discreet and under 2 1/2" in blade length (18 USC Sec. 930 specifically excludes pocketknives with blades under 2 1/2" from the definition of "dangerous weapon" for a federal facility); a Dragonfly or a CRKT Ti Mirage might be a good choice. See what the atmosphere is, and what the workplace rules are, and then decide what to carry on a regular basis.

Good luck in the new job. From what I here, DoD takes good care of its employees.


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conn gen statutes 53-206 specifies a 4 inch EDGE limit on knives, so try to keep the cutting surface under that.

53-206 was replaced, but the provisions are the same in the new place.

no martial art weapons for carry, no dangerous weapon permits. they are available, but you are NOT going to get one.

Pistol permits are available with a moderate amount of fuss. it is not based on need, so if they ask you why you want one, the answer is because i can have one according to law or something like that. be polite to the obnioxious civilian employees in Bridgeport if you are cursed to live their.

CT does have a turn in your neighbor law, ie 2 neighbors swear out a complaint against you your house can be searched and weapons confiscated and then a hearing in 2 weeks to determine if the seisure was legit.

best advice reguarding that, be nice to your neighbors, and keep the music down. if you work on a motor cycle at 3 am, dont be surprised if they dont like you.

talk to Bruce E. Stern, NRA board member and property attorney in trumble CT for more information.

tell him mitchell says hi.

if you have assault weapons, or things that are on the CT ban list you need to sell them or send them out of state to a friend. CT has a laundry list and no select fire, semi-3rd burst/auto weapons provision. sucks dont it.
registering it in CT is a good way to loose it unless you were in the military since 1994 and have just gotten out.

again, call Stern for advice. he is a great guy and very heplful.

sifus and 5 inch voyagers are not going to fly in CT. a commander or an endura size will be just fine.
if you have handguns, GET A PISTOL PERMIT FIRST THING. you can't transport them to a range without a permit, and you cant buy a pistol without one and you have a 2 week wait on long guns without one.

apply at your local PD for the local city permit, then after that go to the state police and apply for a state permit.
its good for 5 years and you have to notify them within 24-48 hours of a change of address. state police are usualy prety cool with permits. its the towns that are dick heads, but if you are denied you can appeal to an impartial board that DOES overturn local PD denials if the locals were being arbitrary.

stay cool and if you want the name of a good locan gun shop to go to when you do get a pistol permit call me and ill get you the address.

any more questions, email me.