New Kabars

Nov 28, 1999
I saw that Kabar has made a new Marine knife with a partially serrated blade. Those of you that like and use the old style smooth blade, given the chance would you like to have the new style?

Improvise, adapt, and overcome. Words to live by.
While I cannot discount the utility of serrations, I prefer the plain edge versions. I have carried a Kabar for years and love them, but I do like the newer handles better.
I've carried a K-BAR for a number of years and have used it extensively in the Field with my Marine MP unit. Some of the Marines bought the Next Generation K-bar and I used it briefly. I really liked the Kraton handle but the bead blast finish isn't really tactical. The price isn't bad at around $80 but for a field knife I prefer something cheaper in case I break it. Anyways, if you want serrations and a good price, you can buy an old k-bar with serrations too.
I like serrations only on smaller or folding knives. Besides that, the Marine Ka-Bar is such a part of history I prefer to have my Ka-Bars (regardless of the maker) the same way they were when my brother Marines landed on Iwo Jima 10 years before I was born... just my personal preference.