New Kershaw Models(Warning, 200k of JPEG)

Oct 13, 1998
Here are, scanned from the newest kershaw catalogue, the new Ken Onion Models. The first picture is the Kershaw 25th aniversary edition. I cut off the specs by accident, it has the same size blade as the Random Task(3.25"), but has a much more useful IMHO shape and that cool etching. The bolsters and liners are 6AL4V and the handle is G10.
<img alt="Kershaw 25th aniversary knife" src="">
<small>(If anyone wants, there is a huge picture of the knife only on the cover, and I can scan that too</small>

The second image has all of the new Ken Onion models, the 1540s(no speed safe
), 1550s, speed safe and black blade and the 1560s, speed safe, and odd holes in blade. The blades on all of these are 440A, and the handles are Polyamide. The blades are a hare longer than the Tasks, at 3.375".
<img alt="Kershaw new, cheaper Ken Onion knives, the 1540, 1550 and 1560" src="">
ps I'd be willing to get one of the whirlwinds and dissassemble it to find the secrets of the speed safe if people would be willing to kick in a few bucks to help defray the costs.

Why did you stab that girl?
You won't believe this, but I had too much coffee!
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Hmmmm. Looks like just another 440A plastic/steel scale linerlock. Betcha they'll give United Cutlery some stiff competition! Look out Junglee!

Come on Kershaw. You can come up with something better than this. How about trading the useless holes in the blade for some 440V?

I do like the shape of the blade. It kinda has a sebenzaish look to it. The thumb stud looks more comfortable than the Task's series.

Thanks for taking the time to post the pix Aaron.

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I forgot pricing info. All of this is MSRP:
1525(25th aniv)=$600
For the price of that 25th aniversary special you can buy any of Ken Onion's customs that I have seen. Ah well, maybe at discount prices the new speed safes won't seem so overpriced.

Why did you stab that girl?
You won't believe this, but I had too much coffee!
-Edmond by David Mamet