new kershaw

Jul 14, 2000
well,used actually.
went to ag russell...again today and picked out a chrismas present for my brother to give me
.any hoo,i was torn up on the inside on what to get,that sog switchplier is many knives...i picked a kershaw mini task from the previously owned cabinet(very good deals in there)
anyway,he took it from me and i cant have it back till x-mas morning,but this is a very well built knife.f&f is incredible.the scales are attached seamlessly,no gaps at all.there is very very little blade play,almost un-noticeable.and sharp!shreds thru paper like a hot knife thru butter,or something like that.the blade is a little small,but thats ok,the sharpness of it makes up for is comfortable to hold,no sharp edges at all(except for the edge thats supposed to be sharp
).very strong little knife.the clip is very tight too.maybe too tight,but ill work on it.
man i cant wait till x-mas.
ag russell has pleased me again...iw onder if they're hiring....

hey,that sure aint no GINSU.

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wanted to add...
it does look like its been used a little bit,the wharncliff blade shows evidence of sharpening,as its not completely straight.but this is one hell of a knife.and i just realized how much money i saved by buying used.lets just say it rhymes with 45% off some of the net prices i have seen.