New khukuri DVD - Can I use your pictures?

Oct 9, 2003
I am working on the vol 2 dvd, can I use you guys' pics in the dvd?
(just eye candy really)
If you wish to contribute, email me the pic and a verbal permission to use the pic.
At the moment, I have about 10 minutes of footage.
One kerambit scene.
One AK Bowie scene.

I am hoping to get some 25" and 30" khukuri work done in this one, but I am having trouble finding a training partner .....
Danny, I'll send you a few shots from the Khonvention if the other fellas don't mind being shown. I've got a few good shots somewhere if I can find them.
I am busy editing the first few movies in the new dvd. I will try to get it finished and in the mail to everybody who wants one by Christmas, BUt I need more of those "sweet" pics of your favorite khukuris and other HI products
Danny, If there's anything you can use in my Photobucket site, you're welcome to them. Lotta stuff other than HI but there are a few khuk pics. It's at Photobucket

Gee thanks...because of you and your beautiful pictures, now I got the itchies to buy some more steel...

Great job... :grumpy:


(Excellent pictures...your photography skills are awesome, as is your collection!! What ARE you using on those handles?).
DIJ, I'd like to get a few pics for you from work with khuks in action. (Couple of good windstorms recently, I know there'll be trees down next week across the back roads and we don't even bother with axes anymore, the khuks are faster.)

Are you looking for a certain resolution/size/etc.?
Can you take them via email?
Is movie footage desired/required?