New Knife Design (pic)

That's a damn pretty knife, however you might want to change the URL to since I get the old "Error - 404" using the URL you've posted.
I agree, it is a beautiful blade. The Damascus bolsters blend great with the blade. Maybe some of the large production companies should take note. It wouldn't take much to add a little cosmetics to production knives "big brothers".
Great job on the knife.
Its a one of a kind made for a good client.

ITs kinda the phase im in right now. I have worked hard on the blade to handle ratio and still maintained a pocket safe knife with the blade completley covered when closed.
Its a furturistic design that I am building variants of along with the folding dagger itch I have at this time.
Having a full bladewidth takes some real design savy (being a leaf spring auto also)
The room inside is very limited when theres a spring involved. I am building standard folders like these also..
In the handeling tests this knife did well
It fills the hand and the top hump at the guard area makes it non slip towards the blade..
Thanks for the kind words..
Double grinds are fun also . I will be moving in this direction for a while.

Web Site At
Take a look!!!


That is one sweet looking knife. Personally I like it much more than the Fat Cat you made recently. It's slick and undoubtedly everyone who has seen it will be looking forward to seeing the variants you allude to.


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!