New Knife Idea's

Mar 22, 2001
I know that REKAT just released the new Savants, very nice will add one to the collection. However, I would like to hear from all you REKAT addicts :) and tell me what you would like to see in a new design:

Personally, i love the SIFU, because it big. So if I had to make a suggestion I would like to see another big knife about 5-6 inch blade with either a spear point or a tanto point. The handle should have one finger grove (like the sifu limited edition) and the rest smooth. Possibly, the handle should be all metal (be different)or metal with g-10 inserts.

What type of knife would you like to see in a REKAT package????
I'd like to see a DA Automatic Sifu, and a Sifu the size of the Carnivour Cub.
Just sitting here working my Hobbit Warrior Trainer and thinking how warm and fuzzy it would be to have a :


But thats just me........................

REKAT- Please-Please-Please?
I'd like to see a mini-pocket hobbit. Microtech has a mini socom, Emerson is coming out with a mini commander and already has a mini cqc7. The cub is a mini. So I think that a mini PH would also be popular.

-Fred :D