May 17, 1999
Wow! I just realized we are creating a new knife language here at Bladeforums. Think of it - with all the abbreviations and acronyms being used, only a true blade aficionado will know what we are posting, in the future. here's a few examples:

1. JK - Just kidding
2. IMO - In my opinion
3. IMHO - In my humble opinion
4. LOL - Lots of laughs?
5. CRK - Chris Reeve Knives
6. WW - White Wolf Knives
7. OAL - Overall length
8. BF - Bladeforums
9. BM - Battle Mistress (Knife by Busse Combat Knife Co., or could be bowel movement)
10. BOHICA - Bend over, here it comes
11. INFI - A new steel from Busse Combat Knife Co.
12. ATS34 - A stainless steel
13. 440C - A stainless steel
14. 154CM - A stainless steel (American version of ATS34?)
15. BG42 - A stainless steel
16. VG10 - A stainless steel
17. CPM440V - A stainless steel
18. 1095 - A carbon tool steel
19. MD - Mad Dog Knives
20. Brend - A knife made by Walter Brend
21. MT - Microtech
22. NIB - New, in box

Just think of it, didn't the street people have their own language that nobody but they understood, in the movie "Blade Runner?" Maybe this all ties in...

LOL == Laughing Out Loud. Some of these have been around for decades.
Yep........some of those have been around since before knife people had an identity, here.

"LOL" means (I believe) "lots of love" and you say it when you do not really mean it.
Well, I don't

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"BOHICA" Gotta love it..... actually use quite often in the Military.
Now to add to the list:
"ROTFLMAO"-rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off

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"Military" Fans Unite!!

I always thought BM meant Benchmade. Or could it be both?

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I've seen it used as both (BM).

We've had several threads on acronyms, but I'd really like to see a BF FAQ on commonly used acronyms that are specific to this forum or to knife lore (ie, ELU, OTF, BM, OAL, SAK, etc).

Perhaps the BF FAQ could just provide a link to a more general acronym website for the others.

OTOH, if the vets here don't mind repeating themselves (or hearing the same questions), I guess it's a moot point.
A few more....
SNAFU - Situation Normal All Screwed Up
TARFU - Things Are Really Screwed Up
FUBAR - Screwed Up Beyond All Recognition
LMAO - Laughing My Butt Off
LMFAO - Laughing My Screwing Butt Off (That may require some thought....By the way, "Screwed" is not the really the word used
OTF - Out The Front (Autoknifespeak)
BRBGPLARH - Be Right Back, Gotta Pee Like A Race Horse (That's my own invention, primarily used for live chat)

By the way, I always thought that "LOL" meant laughing out loud. I speak with a couple of SAS fellas in England and used the term in my mail. They asked me why I kept typing "Loys of Love" in inopportune times. Pretty embarrassing!!!

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

FWIW (er, For What It's Worth), these TLA's from the list above:

JK (often as J/K), IMO, IMHO, LOL (Laughing out Loud)

as well as the noticeably missing:


have been in constant use in Usenet News, the land of the fabled rec.knives as well as a few thousand other less important newsgroups, since time immemorial (or at least for the last, oh, decade and a half).

-- Carl
So THAT's what LOL means!

I thought I was getting cused out.

Now, if we can just get "bladebonics" to replace "boobonics" in the school systems that adopted it, we'd be pinoneers of the English slang! Well, to think about it, its more like military acronyms than slang. Yea, that's the ticket. We get the public schools that are teaching "boobonics" to enlist the kids into the military. After all, women are allowed in......

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Where I come from, LOL means lots of luck and is the flip side to SOL and we aaall know what that means.

Pretty interesting list
! One correction though (number 8 I believe). Most of us use BFC for BladeForums.Com rather than BF.

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I think the official meaning of LOL is Laughing Out Loud. But I think Lots of Laughs fits the acronym better. And besides, if you go with Lots of Laughs, and make that into an acronym, you can end up with LOLz or LOLs. Which is cooler.

What's ELU ?

And, yes, BM and BM mean BM and BM, and IMNSHO BM's are BM's.

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ELU is a term I've mostly seen used by Spyderco to describe the customer who actually uses the knife (End Line User). The term is apparently meant to allay confusion amongst knifedom because dealers and distributors are "customers" also to the manufacturers. Perhaps those are FLU and MLUs (Front and Middle)?
What's ELU ?

And, yes, BM and BM mean BM and BM, and IMNSHO BM's are BM's.

Remember--pointy end AWAY from you!

John 14:6

How serendipitous.
NG (me) was just about to post request for help with acronyms.

WTH means sifu? closest I can guess from context is prototype, special run, serial numbered or similar - close?

WTH is 'x'udt where x is omitted, "L" or "M"? I haven't a clue where to begin with this one. Underwater demolition team is normal for udt but doesn't seem to fit real well.

Just to give you a newbie perspective - I didn't have any problem with the acronyms already in this thread. sifu and udt on the other hand...

Oh yeah, tried a little research on CPM440V and if I'm reading Crucible's site correctly, there is no more and the replacement is 420 - really?

TIA (thanks in advance)