New Knife Nut

Oct 5, 1998
A new knife nut is born ( all 10lb 2 & 1/2 oz of him) on the 24th of March.

I am now a new Dad to Alexander Thomas.

The big question is how old does he have to be before I can start buying him sharp objects ??

Being away from the forum for two weeks means far too many posts to try and read especailly when your work desk is two foot high with stuff that should have been done by someone else when you were away but of cource was not.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)

Congratulations. Start buying now and put them away then when he's old enough think of the collection he will have.

He's one big kid. I hope his mom is ok too.

Don't rush the knives. You have a few years yet.
Start him off slowly. Teach him how to handle the knives in the kitchen, but only AFTER you teach him NOT to handle them without supervision. Safety first! Let him have his own only after he can handle it safely and responsibly. When that will be depends on the kid, but it's better to be later than too soon.

Have fun, new dad! And get some sleeep

Paul Neubauer
Paul - He is big, born naturally as well, Mum is fine but very tired and sleep is a thing of the past.

Today is my first day back at work and boy does it hurt.
Congratulations Harvey,

I don’t know if this is your first but if it is your starting out on the most rewarding adventure known to man.

Be there for him when he needs you and for the times he thinks he doesn’t. Give him your wisdom when he needs a foundation to learn, and stay silent when he needs to learn a lesson, the foundation you gave him will always be there. Pick him up when he falls. Push him when he falters. Encourage him when he doubts. The strength and love you give him will be returned ten fold. Watch him grow, and You’ll grow too.

Enjoy these years, their the best You’ll know.


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There's always room for another knife nut in the world! Glad to hear mom is doing ok. It's a big adjustment. One of life's great pleasures/experiences.
Congrats Dad....

Say, that's my B-Day too.
If you want, you can buy a knife a year for him on "our" B-Day. And I'll hold them till he's ready.

Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult
Alright Harvey! This world does need more knife nuts .... the more the better

As mentioned above, start buying now. By the time they are old enough most of the knives will be outdated or modified, value should be higher by then and just the fact that knowing you have knives that are new but old may mean a lot to our children, too.

One thing though, don't give them out when they are too young, they may not appreciate them as much as you do or understand knives the way you do, either. Only you can determine when they are ready for their first knife.

My daughter is 15 and she hasn't got her first knife yet because she wants to wait for my twin boys to get their first knife from me. The twins are nine now, when they turn 10 next month I will give them their first knife from me, a Swiss Army Knife which they already know about and picked out.

After that, they will get one knife a year progressing to better ones. They won't get my custom knives though until I pass on.

Have fun with your new Knife Nut Harvey, and teach him well!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People "

Congratulations Harvey! I don't know if men have "biological clocks" or not but I want one too. My fiance says I'll have to be happy with a puppy for the next few years. I'll just buy knives for the puppy and keep them until dogs have evolved to have opposable thumbs. My Dad gave me my first knife when I was six (which I just wrote about on another thread) though I was supervised for the first couple of years. Sure I got cut, but I still have most of my fingers. HARDY HAR! The way I really learned about knives though was from watching my father use his knives responsibly and safely. Get him something decent but inexpensive and if he uses it and uses it responsibly, reward him with something better. Blade or KI had a decent article about kids and knives a few months back. I didn't agree with everything in it, but it had some good points. I should also say that my Dad gave me a .22 bolt action when I was 7 or 8 and it hung above my bed until I left home for college (It later got stolen and I hope the thief has an accident while cleaning it someday-if they haven't sold it for drugs or something). I was always responsible (well most of the time) with these dangerous objects because I new that if Dad caught me foolin around with them they would disappear forever and I would never get another one until I had my own money. For a young boy that's some major incentive. I'm sure Alexander will learn well from you. The real question is how old will he have to be before you let him read the forums?! There's some shady characters around this cyberneighborhood. Hey, I resemble that remark!
My dad started me on knives when I was pretty young, I don't remember when. Anyway, he went to a lot of trouble to teach me safety, but then made the mistake of leaving me and my cousin alone in the backyard with Grandma Gwinn (dad's mother.)
She was shocked that we didn't know how to play "Mumble Peg" and set about teaching it to us--I still have several small scars.
Congrats Harvey! I say start now. When my daughter was born I ordered her a Randall Model 5 with a white micarta handle and her name and birthday etched on the blade. It came when she was two. She just turned 11 and I had the handle scrimmed for her birthday. I am really feeling bad because I haven't ordered my son's Randall yet and he just turned 8 ! Anyway this will teach kids early that in additon to being tools knives can be things of beauty.


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Congratulations to you and your partner. I think all the parents here would agree that you are entering a very rewarding and enjoyable time of your life. However there is a downside
, if you are like me you will find that by the time you pay for all the extras for the kid (kids) there is not much disposable income left over for knives. Currently my list includes drama, tennis, trumpet and soccer. Oh yes and there is school in there as well

In hindsight I think in creating a knife nut I may have created a monster (although one in my own image). If you remember I started a thread some time ago about my daughters first knife which I proposed to give her for her eighth birthday. Well I made the mistake of asking her which one she would like and she is now saying, "If I get this one for my birthday, can I get this one for Christmas?" Be warned

Take care,

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