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New M2 mini-AFCK

Jan 23, 1999
I just received my new mini AFCK M2 plain edge and I like it a lot! I got it through www.knifeworks.com and they were very helpful and timely- I recommend them. I'll have to go and play now, but you guys know how that goes with a new "toy." :)

Hey Erik

I just bought one of those also this past weekend. It was an impulse buy, I was at Midwest Gun Exchange and I had about 5 minutes to look around before they closed. I was in Indiana and my wife got to spend some bucks so I thought I'm gonna bring something home from Ind. too.

I knew I could have gotten a better price elsewhere but I was in one of those moods. Played with it the whole drive home. Haven't owned too many Benchmades but I do like this one.

Ross T.
You guys having any problems with the blade rubing the liner when you open it?

Nope, no problems. It's a little more smoother opening now then when I first got it though.

Oh yeah! On my first post about fondling my folder on the ride home. I forgot to post I live 9 hours away from the shop. OK..... so I'm very easily obsessed.....

Ross T.

My two Strykers came to me rubbing the liner...try to tighten the action up a little, you'll notice the blade will move parallel to the liners more. If all else fails, think about sending it in to BM...they took my 910, reworked the action, and even changed the scratched blade for me...now, the knife is one of the smoothest, sturdiest knives I own, even more so than a few cheap fixed knives I have!

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I had an M-2 mini-AFCK about a year ago. No amount of pivot tightening would correct the blade alignment and I could not get the blade to stop rubbing the liners. Finally I decided to trade it in part for a small Sebenza.

My M2 AFCK was fine until I dropped it on a concrete surface one time, then I found the blade was rubbing the liner. It was a simple matter to realign the handle by holding it by the pivot and butt and 'bending' it (very slightly) until the blade sits centrally. I've only had to do this a couple of times in about a year.

Although this may seem inconvenient, to my mind this is a good feature, as it means that a force that might otherwise break the G10 is being absorbed by the friction between the scales, liners, and spacers.