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Apr 29, 1999
Hi - I'm new here, and would like to thank everyone for making such a great forum. Here go the qts.: Which is your favourite book on making knives? I've recently ordered a large decorated Sebenza and would like to know your opinions on the decorations: do they really look good? Does anyone have a web address where I could see a few of these decorations?
I have a knife making book written by Ron Lake and Frank Centofante...pretty good, but a bit dated...The decorated Sebs are all different, but look really good. Check out, as I think they have a few pics...

I think "How To Make Knives" by Barney and Loveless is still the bible of this craft, but I have other books that offer different things. The "Gun Digest Book of Knifemaking" is really good for very basic stuff, showing the authors' experience with kits and simple customs before moving to an overview of custom knifemaking that includes very little "how-to." David Boye's "Step-by-Step Knifemaking" has tons of info on a variety of methods of knifemaking that are less common, as it largely details making knives from saw blades, but it is a huge, info-packed book that I feel any knifemaker could benefit from. Finally, "How To Make Folding Knives" by Centofante, Clay, and Lake is a great look at three different approaches to classic lockbacks, but will tell you little about more modern folder styles, except basics that all folders share.

OK, that's a long answer. "How To Make Knives" is my favorite, that's the short answer.


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What, a chance to show off my Large Decorated Sebenza?



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dano - thanks for the address, I checked it out and they do have a few interesting models;
corduroy - wow- thanks for the info..I think your fav is the same one dano mentioned before
stjames - that is one cool large Sebenza. Did you give the Reeves any guidelines on how to perform the decorations? What material is the handle?
Trueblade, thanks, I actually bought the knife used, just loved the design. The designs are one of a kind, try contacting Anne Reeve at to see what they will do. The Handles are Titanium, but the "face" side is polished, engraved and anodized. On the Plain Sebenzas, they are bead blasted.

Also, if you like Sebenzas, check out .

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I loaned "How to Make Knives" to a female friend who wanted to know what all the fuss was about. That was 3 wks ago and she's 2 wks overdue to return it. I love that book.

When you ordered your decorated Sebenza, did you specify any general pattern for the design? The reason I ask, is that there are general trends in the design but, no two are alike. I would encourage you to call CRK and talk to Anne about them a little. These are really great folks to talk to and they can help you decide and/or work with your dealer to make sure you get a design you want. Depending on the gentleman's mood that day, it seems "themes" are used for that run. Sometimes, there are various zig-zap patterns, somethimes loops and curves. These are done basically freehand so, this ensures each is unique and special. If you have a picture of one you really like, that can be used to obtain one with a similar pattern.

I sell CRK knives and would be glad to talk to you offline if you wish. Call me at (940) 241-1291.


p.s. my email is unreliable at the moment so, I'm not ignoring you if you email, just trying to migrate to a new ISP ....
I bought both "How to Make knives" And "Step by Step Knifemaking, You Can do it" I liked them both, but the one David Boye wrote is a little more down to earth for makers without alot of money to put down in knife making. Also go to Its just as good as any book but for free.


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