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Sep 29, 1999
I got my new BM Pinnacle (plain) a couple weeks ago and can't leave it alone. I have to say, I read the forums for a couple weeks before buying it, and there's great information here. I've carried a Bucklite for years, but when I saw how the technology has improved, I just had to have a new knife. I carry it everywhere, even clipped to my sweatshorts I wear around the house. People are going to start talking about me, that knife nut Kellster....

My question is, since I open the knife everytime I pick it up, and several times every time I think about it, am I in danger of wearing out the mono-lock (Ti handle)?

Welcome aboard! You've already said you've garnered some great intel while lurking. Glad to see you make to the move to participate. Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question so fire away. You'll be surprised how quickly your fellow forumites respond.

As to your worries about the mono-lock... naw! Enjoy it. It has a lot of contact surface area and the material is quite hard.

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Good first post. You've got the bug and BladeForums will help feed the need!

Like bald1 said, no worries about the mono-lock.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride!
Welcome aboard and enjoy. I don't think you will need to worry about the knife, you will probably move on to another model long before you could possibly wear it out.
I'm new here as well. This is a cool place. I've recently turned up the heat on an old and smoldering interst in knives. I've learned more about knives here in three weeks than I did in the last forty years anywhere else. Enjoy this forum.

Welcome aboard!

Don't worry about people calling you a knife knut for owning knives...(just don't let them find out that you spend one hour a day on BladeForums). Then the cat's out 'O the bag!

I need a bigger bucket.
It's nice to feel welcomed when you're a newbie!
Next question: I like the thumb stud, I can flip it open pretty quick, but does the Spydie type hole work better? I am already looking at my next purchase and I've handled a couple Spydie's and can't seem to get a feel for the hole. Also, is the BM hole any better/worse than the Spydie hole?
The hole versus the thumb stud. Good topic. If you use the search feature (it only searches in the forum you are in when you use it) you will probably turn up a wealth of information.

I have a bunch of knives with holes and a bunch of knives with thumb studs. I started with a thumb stud folder and liked it. Then I got a Spyderco and found I liked the hole also. Now, many knives later, I have a slight preference for the hole. I have found the hole on my BM Ascent works equally well as the hole on my Spyderco Civilian and Matriarch.

Keep handling as many knives as possible. Go to some knife shows and knife dealers. You'll soon find what you like and what you don't like. Part of the fun is in the looking!
If you like the Pinnacle...I'd get an Axis Lock next...either of em'...and save for a Sebenza.

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Don't sweat the wear-out Kellster. If you keep hanging out in here, you'll end up buying plenty more toys to play with. And thats good because, you spread the play time out between them all.

So you see, it's in your, and your Pinnacles best interest to keep buying.

Clay G.

Kellster, you've only just begun! IMHO a BM Axis next. Fun to play with flicking the lock to open and closed the knife instead of the thumb stud. Check out all 3 sizes. It's my next purchase.


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Welcome to the forums. You will find yourself wanting to buy more and more. That can actually be a bad thing. Sometimes my mornings are so miserable, what with trying to make a decsion on what to carry. But when you start staying awake at night thinking about what to carry the next morning, well, then its time to worry
Have fun, enjoy the ride.

Welcome aboard! You'll love it here. Best darn knife forum around!