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New member - some info & questions

Apr 26, 1999
I happen to find this forum while at my usual haunt which is TimeZone, a site for people who collect wristwatches.

I have always been facinated by knives, but only from an art point of view. As a former woodworker, I purchased knives just to rip the old handles off and replace with exotic woods.

My current knives include a Spyderco which a customer owned (first knife I've seen like this), but don't recall the model and a Kabar about 5 inchs in closed position. The rosewood handles have been replaced with Cocobolo. My watch knife (for opening backs) is from 1948 and is inlaid with silver with the omega watch logo, a watch and the company name.

Would like to know a couple of things.

The brass parts on the Kabar has started to aquire a green gunk on them when left in the leather holder. When the brass had it's original laquer finish, it didn't. Cause?

Second - about 15 years ago I saw a movie about a man who saves the life of a person skilled in the art of knife fighting and asks his help to train him after his wife is killed (to avenge her death). There was also a large display of some of the nicest knives I have ever seen. The movie starred Peter Coyote, but is not listed in the vidio movie guide.

Anyone know the name of this film?


Welcome to the forum! Seems like there's a lot of crossover with timezone for some reason.

I think the film you're talking about is "Exposure." I do believe someone else asked about this recently, but I don't remember where. Might have been over on knifeforums.com.

As for the brass discoloration, this is only a guess, but there have been numerous discussions here about knives rusting when left in the sheath. Several members have stated that sometime in the 1970s (I think) knife companies started using a cheaper leather that often had not had all the tanning acid properly rinsed out, which was the cause of knives rusting when left in sheaths. I assume the acid would also discolor brass. The solution offered was to rinse the sheath yourself with plenty of water to try to get all the acid out, then let it dry thoroughly and try it again. Hope it helps.

I'm sure other members can give you better, more detailed answers. This is just my two cents. Have fun with the forum.
Welcome to the forum, ginzu!
I can´t answer the question about the ka-bar (but get Metalglow, Flitz or anything like that from any company on the net and your problem is solved, regarding brass.
a customer gave me a copy of the movie you´re talking about. It was based upon a book by a Brazilian writer, and it´s called in Portughese "A Grande Arte". I´ll check it and let you know the name in English tomorrow.

Welcome Ginzu!
I believe the name of the movie you are speaking of is Exposure. However, the female that was killed was a prostitute that the main character, "Peter Coyote", had befriended on one of his photo shoots. Now I know someone here can tell you the name of the character who played "Hermes" his Per Sev teacher in that movie, but I can't remember his name right now. "Hermes" also was in "Bad Boys" (Will Smith and Martin!) and in "Addicted to Love"(Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick) to name just a few of his other credits.

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Hi to all who answered. Appreciated your responses. On the Knifeforum, it was mention that blockbuster video carried this film (don't know if they have it in Canada).

Will be posting again

Fortunatelly, you did not have to rely on me for information about that movie, because my tape box does not have the name of the English version - probably because it was made for the Brazilian market (?).

I believe the offending substance in the sheath that tarnishes your brass is the color dye. I have several Randall knives and have never had that problem with the tan sheaths, but the black ones tend to put a green "racing stripe" on the brass hilt where the keeper strap touches it. So, I figure it is the black dye since that is the only difference.
Hey ginzu, you found the place to be

Be careful though, it becomes addicting real fast


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