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New member

Dec 20, 1998
I was cruising around the internet and found this forum by accident.(Typed in "edged weapons" on Yahoo and presto!)I`ve barely scratched the surface in the short time since I found y`all and I must say,I`m impressed!I`m still learning the ropes and from what I`ve seen I know you`ll be patient with me.Thanks for the awesome site!
Welcome aboard Carver. I found the forums just a few month ago myself. This is without a doubt the best forum of them all.

You might also want to try the following gun and knife forums.

http://www.knifeforums.com Senator ducks from all of the sharp pointy objects being thrown his way.


Hope this helps.


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dont bother with the last two i tried them and came here beuacse the convrsation is better and the people are nicer.

i do like the mad dog forum though
Welcome to the forums Carver!! But be careful. These forums are addictive.

You have landed on an excellent forum.

You can find out just about anything you want on knives at these forums. You may even find out other things as well, sometimes threads go off track here. That makes it fun, though!

It is addicting, I must agree. Glad I can only access this during work hours, not set up at home as of yet. That may be a good thing............

< Doug >


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Glad to see you made it over here Carver....

Stay tuned because this is the place to be if you are crazy about knives!



Nice to see a new member!

Carver, make yourself comfortable because you don't want to leave after you've looked around.

and don't forget to come to chat everynight on IRC, dalnet, channel #bladeforums.com

great place for answers to questions, conversation, info,etc.

(and of course, me)
Blades & Mark are right about this being addictive! The wife is yelling for me to come to bed right now! Bed sounds pretty good....or maybe I`ll read that Spyderco Military review first! Decisions,decisions.
Hope you enjoy this site and it's people as much as I do. Welcome!
Jadis, that wasn't even fair telling him about the chat this soon
You're trying to get him divorced, aren't you?

Humorous regards--Shades