New members by the dozen !!

Apr 12, 2000
I've been noticing something interesting. I don't know about other peoples habits while on the computer but in my case I will go online and check in here and look around, then go on other sites and then come back here, etc..... this may go on for 15 minutes or a couple of hours, anyway... everytime I come back to this site I go to the main page and you know there is a little spot on top where it says:
"Welcome to our newest member *****", well I would say that in the past 2 or 3 days I've come on to this site I would say about 30 times and in at least 20 of those times there has been a different members name in that "Welcome.." spot !!
I'm just amazed at how many people are joining up the forums. I certainly can't blame them and I'm happy to see it, it's just fascinating !! I remember when the 10,000th member signed up, it was'nt that long ago and now were approaching 12,000.
Sorry to burst the bubble a bit, but the number of members we have is, well, difficult to agree on. Sure there are nearly 12 000 people signed on, but some people are registered more than once. And, some people registered here no longer post. Some registered here posted less than 10 times, and likely will never post again.

So, there aren't really 12 000 or so ACTIVE members, though I think that the # of active members (and by active I mean those that came here to chat about knives and give a %&$#) is definitely going up.
I've definitely noticed more knife-oriented, useful posts cropping up in the last few days.
Remember the days when we were anxiously awaiting the M2K landmark, wow it seems so long ago :)
don't post that much for whatever reason.
Just read. I believe it's called lurking ;).