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    Apr 18, 2011
    Hey guys! To continue my road down the rabbit hole of battle blades. I decided to design a full tang, modern version of the infamous M3 trench knife.
    For these I shortened the blade to 5" for an oal of 9 3/4". The steel is .227" CPM 3V with my custom HT.
    The handle is Tero Tuf with flared stainless tubes. I did one with smooth scales and one with scalloped texture.

    Both edges are razor sharp.

    The sheath is kydex for a wide variety of mounting options.

    In the last pic, I built a boot knife rig for a good friend who is an alaska state trooper. It is a leather mount that laces into the boot for a low profile extremely secure mount. I call it my AST mount.
    I am happy I can now offer this to folks and especially law enforcement.

    Thanks for looking!





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