New MSI Khukuri

Apr 1, 2012
I ordered my Modern service khukuri from Kailash and from order to delivery took around Five weeks with constant updates. There communication is excellent.
The specs are: 10.5 blade
Polished finish

Medium handle 4.75
Rose wood grips
Military dap
Traditional dap.
The khukuri and sheaths are much better fit and finish then a few of my others that cost more.
The khukuri fits perfect in the sheath. Not to loose but not to tight. I exchanged a few emails with them and they were quick to respond to every one.

Nice! Great to hear we're punching above our weight in terms of pricing :) Glad you appreciate the photos and updates- they can be tricky to organise and send through for the team.
You're very much welcome :) I hope you keep us posted once you have some long term impressions on the blade.