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New Multitools

Oct 3, 1998
www.equipped.com has a review of some interesting new tools.

The first new tool is the one by Gerber. It's as if they heard everything they wanted in a multitool and stuck it all together! Like the Swisstool, all tools are openable while the tool is closed, and don't clump. One-hand-opening blade like the Wave. Pliers jaws with springs! All tools lock. The screwdrivers, according to the review, will be much longer than in the picture.

Another potential winner is the Leatherman Pulse. I've long said the PST2 would be my perfect smaller multitool if the tools locked. Well, they did it in the Pulse.

I'm excited to see these new tools, it really looks like the multitool makers are really fine-tuning their products. Hopefully production quality matches the great pics.

the Gerber looks like a must have. I will be curious to see the quality, but it looks like it could give the Wave a run for its money. I know that I will have to have one. It said they will be available in March? I wonder why we haven't heard anything before now? I also wonder who is going to be the first ones to stock them?

Dennis Bible
Wow. Pretty cool. and the new Sure-Fire Defender looks cool as well. The fact that it is just a smidge longer than the 6P ought to make it about the perfect size.

I like the looks of the new Gerber, but the short screwdrives are always a drawback.

I like the Pulse, but I don't think it is the perfect tool until they get the pliers handles too be less uncomfortable to squeeze.


Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847