New Old Dagger

Jul 23, 2006
Hi Everyone,

A few months ago my buddy handed me an old dagger with no identifying markings on the blade or handle. It was in very bad he asked if I like to try my hand at sprucing her up a bit. He knows I've never worked on daggers....but wanted to try my hand at I accepted his request. Here are a few pictures of the before/during/ and finished piece.

Original blade was slowly ground and polished to a slimmer profile. Then hand sanded and cold blued. The new handle is African Blackwood and Black Poison. Fittings are forged to shape "Eagle Claw" guard, carved ferule, and two piece butt cap, hand turned pommel nut....all blued as well.....hope you like.


Hershey PA

Here are the before photos





Outstanding I particularly like the "Eagle Claw" guard amd the work yo did on the butt cap.
Very nice work. It's amazing how you were able to take something that looked so chintzy and turn it into something spectacular!
yes yes, very nice! great work as well, i tried to make a dagger, it didnt turn out as well
I have seen the original somewhere. Can't remember where, yet.
I think it should have been restored, rather than modified.
Nice work, though.
I don't believe that's an old, "old" dagger. That looks to be the cheap Indian import that Atlanta Cutlery offers, but you have certainly done a most excellent job of re-working it. A silk purse from a sows ear so to speak. Excellent work!
My first words were - "Pakistan or India". I have seen that knife before at the flea market where there is a "Knife and Sword" seller. You did an outstanding job on the refurb.
Here is the sheath to go with the "New Old Dagger"....I think my father-in-law nailed the colors perfectly.