New one on the way(sorta)

Jul 5, 2009
I have a Old Timer (77OT) on the way. It is a little rusty and I'm sure I paid too much, but, what the hell. This is my first Muskrat and I can't w*it to try out this pattern. Can anyone tell me if it has one or two back springs.
The Old Timer version will have two springs. The open stock precursor can have either one or two.
Ya done good Paul, aside from a little rust that one doesn't appear to have been used at all. Mint ones go for between thirty and forty or so dollars, a bit more with the box.

Yeah, in fact I think I spot some of that factory grease on that one. If you are using it, it has it's whole life ahead of it. :thumbup:

I've sold a couple new in the box that topped $55.00. It's a very good deal. I sure prefer when sellers use USPS instead of UPS too.
Thanks guys, I feel alot better about the purchase.

There is a nice thread over in traditionals that talks about cleaning old ones up. Figured I'd clean her up and then force a nice pattina on her. I've used a white vinegar bath in the past with good results but I'm thinking about sticking it in a potato overnight.

I've heard great things about Schrade's 1095 steel and can't wait to try it out.

:thumbup:Schrade + "Rat" = and you'll be in Muskrat love!!!:D 1095 Steel what else could a person want!!??:p