New or Old?

Aug 1, 2006
Okay, I've narrowed down what I've wanted for an EDC and here are the choices: Spyderco Dodo (SE), another Lil Temp (found one in leaf pt., SE--i have a TP SE), a Mini Manix, or a Street Beat for a fixed blade option. Which do you think would best serve as an EDC and for use as light utility around the camp, maybe a backup for my backpack blade? Thanks a bunch.
I'd go with the Lil' Temp while you have a chance. The Dodo is a great little utility knife, but I'd want something a bit larger for a camp knife. The Mini-Manix and Street Beat are in production, so they will be easier to find later.
I know that I love my Dodo but I feel that a Mini-Manix would best suite the task.

I don't have a Lil' Temp (not lefty friendly), but it seems like everyone who has one swears by it.
not to hijack the thread but do you have an SE TP Lil Temp? I've never seen one. Light duty I'd say the dodo. The Lil Temp and mini-Manix, to me, are heavy duty.
Sorry, misprint..plain edge..I was in a little bit of a hurry there. I went and ordered the Dodo because I wanted to try a smaller knife with the ball lock..I was impressed with in on my D'Allara drop point. Got a blue serrated one from eBay.
Sorry, misprint..plain edge..I was in a little bit of a hurry there.

You almost gave me a heart attack! :D Good choice with the Dodo. You already have a Lil' T, so getting a Manix may be a little redundant, and the Perrin is in production, so finding one shouldn't be too hard. The Dodo will be disappearing quickly, though, it's good you got one now.