New Rolling Lock KFF?

Feb 1, 1999
I always wanted to get a KFF, but I dont like liner-locks all that much, plus people say that Crawfords vary... Now that I hear a rolling Lock version is coming out, I am game. Anyone have a date, price, dealer?
I have come to distrust linerlocks too. But, my Crawford linerlock is as well made as I have seen. The linerlock is thicker than most and closes on the blade like a bank vault. I also like very much the design and feel of the KFF. Therefore, I have no reason to complain. Actually, I am the happiest with this knife so far. Also, with other people's good experiences with Crawford, I am confident that he stands by his product if I ever need to send it back to him. That's a big part of my decision in springing for the KFF. (Though, kinda of wished that I held out now that I know his is producing the KFF with a rolling lock...)

Dealers like LDC, Arizona Custom knives have Crawford some linerlocks immediately available, or you can order directly from Pat/Wes. They have a web site: You may have to wait, though I lucked out in getting my within two weeks since he was finishing a batch. When he told me he had ONE with a burgundy handle, I immediately gave my credit card number for that. I suspect you have a much longer wait for the rolling lock version.


I just realized that you may be talking about the REKAT Crawford Carnivore (which has definite KFF look to it). Check out the "Prototype" thread in this forum, or in The Other Manufacturere forum. The wait for the REKAT Carnivore is around six weeks or a little more.

The KFF is an awesome knife, but check out the Carnivore as well, by either REKAT or Crawford. Both knives have handles which provide excellent hand protection through the front index-finger protrusions (a necessary feature for a fighter in my opinion), but the Carnivore's ergonomics continue to be great even beyond the index finger. The straight-line-to-birds-beak of the KFF doesn't feel as nice in my hand.

Go with the rolling lock versions, whichever you pick!


I have a Rolling lock KFF on order from Pat Crawford. He has quoted me a 6/15/99 shipping date and an estimated price quotation of $425. I did ask for a few custom modifications so the basic model may be less.

I also own and carry a liner lock KFF. It hasn't failed me, but I like the added security of the Rolling lock.

what modifications? I may have to do what you did. Will he be in the NY show next month? I may have to leave him a deposit in person...
I am asking Pat to set the knife up so that I can carry it with or without the clip. Basically that means he countersinks one of the clip holes for a shorter screw. This keeps the hole clean. I also asked him to put thumb scallops on both sides in case I want to carry it on the left side. Plus I like the handle feel with double scallops and no clip.

One other mod he is doing for me is to leave an extra 1/2" of blade unground towards the pivot end. I like the added finger protection this gives in the unlikely event of a lock failure. I don't think he is charging extra for this.