New Sebenza Owner Question

Mar 1, 2000
Sorry guys, I don't mean to drive you nuts with little questions, but I have a couple others. (These could be the last ones.
Just what comes in the box with the knife? I know about the take-down tool, but there is an insert that goes where the pocket clip usually goes, if you'd rather not use the clip. Do you have to purchase this insert? I've already ordered one of those soft calf skin pouches, however do I need to order this insert or does it come with the new Sebenza? (I asked the same question in the Chris Reeve section, but nobody has replied.) Is there anything else I need? I plan on using Militec-1 for lubrication. It's really slick stuff.

Thanks for the answers,

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Hey Will,
Unless they've changed recently the Sebenza does not come with the insert.

It comes standard with the allen wrench, and a certificate of authentication signed by Chris and the lanyard is on the knife as well.

You can buy the insert separately from CRK and you should probably have them add it with your pouch or knife to avoid the additional s/h charges as the insert is around $20.

You might also place a post in 'Wanted' under the exchange as someone may have one to sell cheaper.

Best of luck and enjoy your Benza!!!


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If you're gonna carry the Sebenza around, you might want to check out Gary Graley's leather work. Makes some terrific sheaths to your requirements. Try this link:

While CRK's line of sheaths and pouches are perfectly functional, I prefer a friction fit or a velcro flap instead of that push-button thingy.


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