New Spyderco's ???

Dec 10, 2000
Does Spyderco have any new knives coming out soon ? If you know of one that is suppose to be good let me know. Thanks.
John, you do know about the Lum Chinese Folder, right? It just came out.

Broad leaf shaped drop point. Green anodized aluminum handle. I just got mine. They're pretty nice. Check 'em out if you've not seen one yet.

Someone could probably post another pic.


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Temperance and meercat are due soon. (I am not sure of spelling) You can be sure that any Spyderco knife will be an excellent value.

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SPYDERCO have a lot of new knives coming soon. Please visit my writing on SPYDERCO news for 2001, it caused somewhat another effect than I could expect

I see your comment that they 'turned back to ATS-34.' A few months ago I had heard RUMORS, and I mean that I could NOT confirm the story, that Spydie tried some CPM-440V and it was less than successful due to a poor heat treat. I never read another thread. Is this true? Will Spydie offer more exotic blade steels? (Sorry to hear about the phasing out of the Michael Walker. I'm not a big Spydie defender, but that model was always one of my favorites.)--OKG
Beautiful SpyderLady Joyce Laituri explained me that turn to ATS-34 was done on Frank Centofante's request in case of Vesuvius.

As to CPM 440V stuff from SPYDERCO, I didn't hear these rumors but I have some my own experience with their knives in this steel. My STARMATE (# 702) is from first production run what they have made somewhat harder, about 59-61 HRC claimed. My Military with claimed 57-59 HRC holds the edge noticeably better.

Sal stated that now they are hardening regular production Starmates to the same hardness as Military.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Will Spydie offer more exotic blade steels?</font>
Maybe, SPYDERCO wouldn't be SPYDERCO if they wouldn't try to introduce something new

However I know only what they have made public in their 2001 Dealer Catalog and Press Release

I've become a big fan of yours lately. Your "tell it like it is" reviews are immensely interesting. I also like the way you include many photos with the reports. It's the next best thing to actually seeing the knife in person. Thanks...Gene
Another new knife from Spyderco is the Gunting, which is a folder designed for martial arts.
As far as knives that are about to come out, I don't have a clue. I haven't seen anything in the magazines.
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I can't wait to see the ATR. An integral compression lock should be interesting.

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