New Stiff Kiss

Apr 18, 1999
I bought a staight edge Stiff Kiss a few days ago. Reasonably sharp out of the box. Very nicely finished. Servicable sheath with mutiple carry options. I prefer neck carry option. $25.00. Good deal!

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yup! I 've got one too. Handy little knife, Excellent as a back-up and i wear it on my belt behind me.
I like mine too. I've dremeled away the sheath until it's just the outline of the blade-less footprint under my shirt. Looks great, and was easy to do. I'm still trying to figure out something to replace the black paracord around my neck, though. It stands out like a sore thumb. Bead chain would work OK, but there must be something more invisible. BTW-I wrapped the handle with some OD green paracord-looks awesome!
Have you looked into the black dog tag chains?
One came with my Emerson LaGriffe and it has not drawn a single curious look yet. I wear it every day on my job and the anti-knife sheeple I work for haven't raised an eyebrow yet.

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Misque, I sure haven't. Thanks for the tip-it sounds like that's just what I've been looking for! Think I can find 'em at any Army Surplus store?
I use the ball chain which is sold for the pull chain for electrical lights. you can buy it for 50 cents in a hardware store. Since I sometimes get into physical disagreements, I hate to put something around my neck which could be used to choke, drag or hang me (550 paracord)
This may sound a little too simple but why not just buy an inexpensive neckchain to hang it from? You know the kind folks hang St.Christopher or a lucky pendant from. Chosen properly it should be weak enough to tear away like ball chain but look a lot more discrete. I haven`t carried my StiffKiss in neck carry so this is just a thought. Marcus
I wish I knew of an aftermarket source for them, but I don't. Sorry.
If any of you Forumites know where to get black dog tag ball chain I, for one, would be eternally grateful as I want more of this stuff myself.

The individualist without strategy who takes opponents lightly will inevitably become the captive of others.

I know I have posted this before, but I feel it is worth repeating.

If you have sensitive and/or VERY corrosive skin (like me), make sure you buy good quality STAINLESS ball chain. Some of the cheaper stuff out there is just plated metal and will give you a nasty case of contact dermatitis. I learned the hard way. Took about 3 days to realize what was happening and 2 weeks to fully clear up.
Misque; If you have one in your area, try Hobby Lobby. The one we have here carries black ball chain in bulk. They also have the black clasps for it.

If no Hobby Lobby, try any large hobby shop and they can probably order it for you.

Hope this helps,

Hi, I've 2 Old style stiff KISS-es and although I like the knife I can't wear it as a neck knife because it corrodes so fast that even with a Tuff Cloth Marine coating is shows rust after a couple of days wearing it.
They should have produced it not bead blasted but satin polished and have taken a decent piece of steel like ATS-34 (55) or even 440C I would gladly have payed extra for the better (not so fast rusting/staying sharper) steel.
Cheers, Bagheera

Bagheera-I couldn't agree more. As much as I like the knife, it's going to be replaced very quickly. I've never been a fan of AUS8 (which I think the KISS is made from), and why oh why would you make a knife out of it and not Black-T coat it? I'm switching to the REKAT Utility as soon as Murray at ProEdge gets some in.
Hi, I even think the KISS is made of even lower grade AUS-6.
I had one Stiff KISS gold TiN nitrated (1.5 Microns thick) but this was to thin to keep it from rusting as the TiN gold coating itself seems to be porous which I didn't know. So anyone wanting the Gold TiN coated Stiff KISS let me know.
Cheers, Bagheera