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New to knives!- Magazines?

Sep 19, 1999
Hi, I am new to knives and not necessarily interested in them just for myself but for my father in law.

He is really into collecting but does not get out on the computer much. I am looking for magazines in the industry that I could have sent to him. Could anyone e-mail me with the names of magazines or collector information for pocket knives, folders, and the like? I would greatly appreciate it and he would also.

P.S. I have heard of a custom knife maker here in my hometown, Grand Haven, MI. I would like to have him design a custom knife. Does anyone have any contacts to locate this blade maker?
Take a little time and read the threads. There is a big post dealing with knife mags lower in this section.

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yo Zig-
It kind of depends on your taste in blades. "Tactical Knives" is a decent mag if you're into the defense thing, and there is one just called "Knives" which caters to the higher end collectables. Don't know where you're located, but here in NC there are stores which have nothing but newspapers and magazines, and these carry almost every knife mag I've ever heard about. And if we have them in North Carolina, you've got them where you are unless, well, gee, unless you live in Possum Fart, USA or something. Good luck!
Don`t forget Knives Illustrated for exellent color pics.Also take him to as many gun/knife shows as you can.You get to see and feel a lot of blades and the vendors are usually good about info.Good luck!

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Theres also "Blade" and "Knife World" but knife world is more a newspaper but you can get a free three month subscription if you go to there site.