New to Schrade's, Found an Imperial Stash!

Jul 26, 2005
The local Chase-Pitkin hardware chain is going out of business. I was looking for a #6 torx bit (still looking) so I thought I'd check it out. And what did I find right next to the place where the bit I wanted was supposed to be? A very dusty Imperial Schrade display case. most of the good stuff was gone but I managed to pick up an LB7, two 7OT's, and an 885UH.

I was very plesantly surprised by these knives. I never before really cared for traditional styled knives. But I was very impressed with how well these were put together.

I was a little miffed when I found that even after the closeout pricing I still ended up paying more than Ebay. But these are all NIB with the nasty paper wrapping, and one of the 7OT's is reletively old, the papers don't have a website on them.

I think tomorrow I'm going to go clean them out. (unless one of you folks beat me to it.)

I'd imagine all of the Chase-Pitkins in the Rochester NY area have these displays hiding in the power tool area. I'd hate to think where these knives might end up if they aren't sold by the time the stores close.


Sep 24, 2003
Good find!

Make sure and have them throw in the display case into the deal as well.

Dec 18, 2005
just went to my local chase pitkin-got me a 94ot for 3.41$ yup 3 bucks and change ,im thinking the guy wrote the wrong numbers down -lol
i was worried i was going to pay to much since they didnt have the price shown like they did a month ago when i grabbed a avatar-its what got me on a buying binge-10 knives in the last 4 weeks-6 schrades(2 avatars,2 double blade avatars,free copenhagen classic and now the 940t,a damascus folder(maserin) a spydrco walker and a nos camillius abalone folder-kershaw ET- and a junk china piece that came with my lansky sharpener system-all schrades were cheap(under 20$) the damascus , spyderco and ET cost a few $ more-

they still had a dagger type knife, big plastic handle folder and the big wood handle folder and a pair of scissors in the display-