New to the forum, and I have a question

Feb 19, 2001
Hi everyone. I've been lurking for awhile now, didn't feel that I really had anything to add, and found that most of my questions had already been answered. I have loved edged weaponry since I was a kid, and have worked my way through most types, and most of the manufactuers over the years. I thought that I had found the ideal knife, in the CS Khukuri, but then when researching khukuri history, I found HI. I've been debating getting an HI khukuri for about a year now, and had almost made up my mind, when I noticed the Everest Katana. What a dilemma. I let my wife decide, and she got me the Everest Katana for christmas. I received it about two and a half weeks ago, and couldn't believe the quality. I like the feel better than other much more expensive, traditional katanas which I have handled. So far It has functioned flawlessly in the test cutting which I have done. Now, I'm hooked. In a few more weeks, I'll be ordering the 18" AK to replace my CS khukuri. Anyway, now that I've bored everyone with my rambling, the question I have, has anyone tested the tarwar, and how did it perform? Thanks for any info.
Welcome, Terrence.

Uh, just a minute now, let me think. Geez, I can't remember. I do remember the first thing people posted after they got them was always positive.

Hey, tarwar owners! Post something, please?
Welcome to the cantina, Terrence. Glad you're happy with the katana. It is not as sophisticated as the traditional katana and a little brutish by Japanese stadards but it's tougher than nails -- literally!

There has to be some tests around on the tarwar but where I'm not sure. Berk, our HI Reseach Librarian, will be here after the holidays and he's sure to know. He knows where everything is -- quite unlike me!

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Which CS khukuri do you have? I saw a picture last year in a book about Ghurka's (thats the way they spelled it) with a picture of a decapitated water buffalo and a tarwar beside it.

Oh when will it end? When will it end? Another lost soul to enter our ranks into perdition!!

Welcome, Terrence, and become one of the Unfortunate and Miserable. Just by admitting your problem, you have contracted a very serious case of HIKV, as well as exposing yourself to UBDOTD.

How many people have joined the, just to ask and talk at Bill's Cantina? (Notice that little number "1" listing posts?)

Oh well, I enjoy the competition!!
And I'm enjoying all the sufferin', too!!

Watakushi Wa Shinajin Desu
I can heartily recommend the tarwar! although I haven't done any destructive testing on my SBS(run a search,you'll be amazed what's available for a couple extra bucks!) I've used it some and the workmanship is incredible! pretty cool to be able to shave hair all the way down a 22" edge! balance is perfect,at least for me!
Welcome. HI makes the best stuff around without question. You will not own only one.
,.....,whoa, hi, hi, a VERY good one clifton(LOL)

Sorry about my manners Terrence, welcome to the forum. I think you must have a wife that cares for you.


Walk on.