New to the forum

Jul 2, 1999

This is my first time on bladeforums,
I would just like to say hello to everyone and I am looking foward to posting on this NG.


Louis Buccellato
Welcome aboard and hold on tight!
Welcome aboard, but be very careful. It's addictive, trust me!

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389
Welcome to "Bladeforums" a fine place to be.
What art/s do you study. I trained with master J.J. Lee & made it to blue belt in T.K.D. Then I did what many do & kinda lost touch
(change of residence & income). Lots of fine folks here. If you have any questions, you will usually find lots of (generally
) good advice. Look forward to talking with you in the future...Bruce.

The size of a mans house does not reflect his wealth, but rather, his greed...BCK...Happy Knifemaking...
I have been a member for a short time. Take it easy, and this posting is ideal for that, and you will see what goes and how it all spins. This place is my dream for to talk knives is the most rewarding part of the hobby for me.
Welcome! And yes, it's very addictive, remember to take time out to eat and sleep

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
I'm relatively new here myself, but becoming a member was the best decision I ever made! Hope you enjoy bladeforums as much as I do.

I've only been a member here a couple of months. I enjoy this forum and the many sources of great information. Have FUN!
Welcome and enjoy. Mike and Spark have put together something very special here. I hope you enjoy it at least as much as I do. have come to THE place for knife discussion. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. The members here though having never met each other(in most case)are very helpful.