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new tool box

A huge box of tools just to maintain a knife collection ???
well, plans change, that box was alittle to big for the shop plus it was going to put me in debt for 5 years. the mac man had a NEAT old box today, he says it possably dates back to the 1950s and its MASSIVE. what sold me on it was that it was minty and when i want to trade up he will give me what i payed for it.
Those big pro boxes from Snap-On, Mac, Matco, etc are awesome! From what I recall from my car dealership days, they do make some smaller boxes, but they are still expensive. I knew guys that spent as much on a tool box as some folks spent on cars! Yikes!

If possible, post up pics of the old box you purchased. I'd really like to see that. Congrats!