New toy for the shop

Aug 6, 2002
I was talking to the guy here in town that refills oxy acetelyne bottles this morning(ran out of oxygen at 2200 last night) anyway we got talking about metal working and he said he had something to give me that might come in handy around the shop. he wouldn't take a dime for it just said if i get rid of it i have to give it away not charge for it. wow this is just as good as christmas morning.


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Damm, ya gotta just love when life tosses you something like that. Kindof takes the sting out of some of the bumps in the road. Congrats.
This is what good livin will get you. :D Congratulations! You scored. That looks like a great lathe, something my grandpa would've had in his garage shop. Brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories, thanks and have fun.