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new tri-angle sharpmaker?

ard, Primary cutting angle for knives remains the same at 20 degrees (40 inclusive). Have added second "V" position for knives at 15 degrees (30 inclusive) for back bevelling or "very thin edges" (high quality steel kitchen knives). Tooling scheduled for 15JAN99 completion. Video and book running behind. MSRP about $5 more than current tool with coarse and fine stones and cordura case. New model has/needs no case. Handle is now storage. Not revolutionary, but evolutionary refinements. Same stones but additional diamond triangle accessory in the works. Nice piece. Lot of effort. Made in Golden. Should be out FEB or MAR. When it does come out, the Spyderco crew should be commended. It is a nice offering. Hope this helps.
Besides what Sal said above, while I was writing the original version of this post . . . You can set it up with rods flat, for a bench stone.


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Sal, any chance of an accessory stone in X-Coarse diamond for "fast re-profiling"?

Many of us get knives in that have a broad "woodsman's" type edge angle and we want to reprofile for either "light stroke extra sharp" work or "streetfighter" knives that will seldom see any cutting at all, but if they *do* cut need to be like a razor.

Doing these "angle changes" is a major pain...

Jim March
Working on diamond plated triangles now. We found that too coarse of a diamond breaks away the edge in chunks (which are hard to clean up) so a compromise is necessary. The prototypes work very well. Can reprofile or create a new bevel in several minutes. Probably won't see them until the end of '99.
Greetings Sal. How about a base only?
BTW, Eric, who I met at the past NY show and the warrantee crew did a great job reconditioning my Police and Co-Pilot. Thanks!

L8r - Thanx, I'll tell Eric. Re: base only. probably wouldn't serve. .005 makes a difference. The new sharpener is using slightly larger stones. Didn't plan it that way, just happened. We build the plastic tooling first, then make the ceramic tooling to fit the plastic. Your old stones would probably end up at a different angle. Sorry.