New Waki pants!!!

Sep 29, 2007
Well..... I knew I wanted some new pants for my Waki so I emailed Armoralleather and requested a sheath system that would allow me multiple options. Stacy and Dwayne were outstanding to work with. They made sure that every detail that I wanted was covered and that I was going to get exactly what I was looking for. I was surprised on the turn around time. Stacy had given me a estimate of about 4 mounts and I was ok with that wait. A few days ago, months before the estimated date given, I got a email saying that my sheath was done and it should be on the way. I got a few pictures of the final product and decide that I could not wait until I got the pants to post. Attached are the pics that Stacy sent me to make sure they had it right. Again I can't stress what a pleasure it was to work with Armoralleather!!! They were professional, timely, accurate and above all interested in making me happy! Thanks again to Dwayne and Stacy for a OUTSTANDING piece of leather that will no doubt be a new family heirloom.


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