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New Website, check it out tell me what you think.

I think it's a very well written site actually, soft spoken but straight to the point as far as flow is concerned. I would consider changing the background color from being so close to the basic body text color however, or vise versa depending on which shade of purple you are most fond of. I checked it out on my computer and the colors still make it somewhat hard to keep my place when in a bed of long text. I would add some pictures, a good place to go is on Lycos under the main search window under the "Images" clickable text link. It brings you up to the "Lycos Image Gallery" and it allows you to search for JUST picture or sound filed on the internet. It is a very good way to find knife related pictures, even Benchmade and other companies logos.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

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A good start; it promises to be interesting and informative. I would echo the comment about color, it was beginning to hurt my eyes. If there is a way to avoid that annoying pop-up about "sponsors" that would be an improvement. Keep at it, it has promise
The sight had color?
Good start. I like how you splashed BF all over the page. Here is a guy who can help put some pizzaz in your site: www.eye4u.com

And some forums on website development:
> http://www.karaim.net/forums/pl/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro
> http://www.devshed.com/
> http://www.digitalspark.com/coolhomepages/index.shtml
> http://www.webmasternews.com/
Most webhost sites need an email address to get you started and my ISP is blocking those sights. I sent an email to ask my ISP why they blocked and there was no response. Geocities was my first choice. How easy is it to deal with them?

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Really enjoyed reading your page and am looking forward to seeing it develop.

I found the color choices a bit hard to read (maybe with larger type fonts or maybe my EYE just isn't what it should be after 10 hours in front of a word processor at work.

Here's a link to consider for your page, its Mel Sorg's MADPOET KNIVES web page. Mel makes great D2 custom blades at reasonable prices. Check it out: http://www.angelfire.com/mn/madpoet/index.html

Lastly, I'm very interested in info on Irish or Celtic blade designs. If you find some, let me know.

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Thanks for the link on your page, I appreciate the amount of work that goes into building a site. Here's a quote if you want it "Adapt or Die"

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

I like the colors, but will see shat I can do, the thing is I don't wnat this to look like every other site.

Images are stumping me right now, I can't figure out the geocities directory structure.

The pop up comes with the free site, sorry.

As to Celtic stuff, Phil Hartsfield has an Irish short sword and supposedly the Smatchet of Applegate and Fairbairn is based on a Celtic short sword.

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Marion, I enjoyed browsing your website and expect to return often. Like you, my accumulation of knives isn't focused enough to be called a collection, but there sure are a lot of them! Regards.