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New Years Resolution for everyone on BFC


Apr 28, 1999

I am sick and tired of all of the derogatory posts, all of the whining, name calling, mud slinging, etc. I took my part of it in a few posts a while ago and regretted it and would like to apologize to anyone I offended. My sense of humor was taken the wrong way, and I offended some people. Now I try to avoid those type of posts and if I dont like what the person is saying, I dont post or I state my POV as kindly as possible.

Bladeforums is a place where people can voice their opinions about knife related things and share their knife related stories and experiences. I am sick of people asking how a knife is, and getting good and bad replies, then people get mad that one person called the knife a POS, and another person loved it. Let it go. People have different opinions about knives. Deal with it.

Get some toleration for other people. There are a lot of newbies and lurkers here who often get abused by other people on the forums for asking a questions that some view as stupid. if you think it is stupid, dont post to it. Dont say that the person is stupid for asking the question. The only stupid question is the question not asked. Granted, some posts like "what would you carry if......" are getting old, so if you dont like them, dont read them!

Moderators, you are supposed to be stopping the garbage that goes on here, not starting it. Stop being so critical of everyone else and grow up. It seems there is only a problem on a few of the forums, but then again, I only pay attention to a few of the forums. Most of the moderators are doing a great job and please keep it up guys!!! Other moderators dont know when to stop. Chat is one thing, but leave it off of the forums, please.

Trolls, whoever you are, stop it. It causes too much trouble and is pointless and wastes everyone's time. if a post is controversial, word it differently.

People who respond to trolls and regular posts negatively and get all upset about other peoples opinions, let it go or take it off of the forums. if you dont agree, fine. The forums isn't the place to get into pissing matches. use email if you have a problem with someone or something.

Bladeforums was a great place when I joined. Now I see too much name calling, insults, trolling, mud slinging, pissing matches, etc. I am so sick and tired of it. Lets exchange information in a nicer manner please. If you dont have something nice to say about someone, don't say it. If you don't like a knife or product, fine, say so, but don't look to start trouble. if someone ask why u dont like something, tell them why, but do it kindly.

My point is this: People have different opinions, views, thoughts, etc and may disagree with you. That does not give you the right to be rude to them. Everyone, please grow up a little and learn to tolerate and accept other views.

I know this post doesn't apply to everyone, jsut a few people that I will not name. If you dont like it or think I am off base, fine, email me and i will discuss it with your further if you wish. thank you for your time and happy new years.
Agree, wholeheartedly. I've slapped a foot into my mouth with utmost speed on several occasions, and have decided that time spent bickering is time wasted.
I don't know about everyone else, but I come here to learn, to have a little fun, and help someone out when I can. I don't come here to hear infantile whining, product bashing, or be told how to think.
This is a great place, and we should all pitch in and help keep it that way.
Here here. No kidding we have a forum dedicated to smashing people up and it almost never gets used. Now back to knife talk.
Impatiently waiting on his new neck knife.
Mykl...bad news. I got bitten by my Grizzly, so I don't know when I can grind again

And quit yelling at me.

I kind of understand your direction here, but this ain't exactly Sesame Street. I took my share of abuse, and still do, for stupid questions and statements. The idea of harassing the newbies who ask the repetitive questions is to teach them to use the search function and do their own homework.

Me, I just quit replying to them.

I do agree that people can get mean spirited real quick around here, and that is part of life. Some people are just plain mean, and as a society we have to deal with it.

So I see two sides. One is to hope people will try to be nicer to each other. The other is for people not to get their feelings hurt so easily.


Amusing myself

I put in a "is" where I forgot one. It just bugged the crap out of me.

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