New Years resolution.

May 9, 2000
My New Years resolution is to purchase one new knife each month, and I'm sure going to try to keep this one. What about you fellows?
I hope everyone had a great 2000, and I wish you all an even better 2001.
Hey Keith,
That one sounds good.
I'll go with that!!

--The Raptor--
To cut back to no more than five new knives per month.

I'm sure going to try to keep this one... but trial and success are often not the same thing.

Wow... there's an hour and a half left before January and the new resolution... 1sks here I come....

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
I like that, too! A knife a month.....

I guess I can start canvassing the roadside for soda/beer cans to finance my new addiction! Or maybe put a collection jar on my desk at work "Donations accepted for Judy's Addiction."

That'll make 'em wonder for sure what it is that I do when I'm not at work!



There is one rule:
Never postpone your life for a man.

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My wife and I made our New Year's Resolutions about an hour ago. She wanted mine to be that I would refrain from buying anymore knives. So much for New Year Resolutions.
anyman, be it hereby resolved: you will not buy anymore knives unless you absolutely, positively, really want to ... or anyless knives, either.

I agree fully. No more than one folder, and one bayonet, and one sword, and one tactical knife, and one custom, and .... per month

Really enjoyed the Forums during 2000 and am looking forward to 2001.
My New Year's Resolution, Hmmm! Let me think... I know! I will not spend too much money this year on knives... NOT!

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The year 2000 was mostly multi-tools for me.I hope to spend 2001 doing more in the folder and fixed blade department.I hope there are not many new multi-tools released this year!

"Just me and my multi-tools."
I am going to try and only buy knives that I will use. Well now that I read what I just wrote its full of loop holes

How about I will only buy knives that are better then the one's I now own. Better steel, lock, handle or design. Only upgrading my collection.