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New York


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Oct 5, 1998
I am going to be in New York city in about a month to sing at Carnegie Hall. I always carry a BM Mini-Stryker in my back pocket. Is there any major places that they use metal detectors that we might go to and should I or shouldn't I carry it? Any help would be appreciated.

The only places in New York where I've seen
metal detectors are the various city offices.
I carried my Sawby everywhere without a problem. I would recommend that you don't
try to bring the Stryker on board the plane.
Security at the NY airports is pretty strict,
better to check it in with your luggage.
ALL Federal Government buildings in NYC have detectors and/ or magnometers(spelling?)in place and probably in many other locations in that particular facility. Security personnel often have on their person a handheld unit as well. So think and look for posted signs before making a decision to enter. Some are: 6 World Trade Center (BATF), 26 Federal Plaza- Jacob Javits Building (INS), Marine Terminal Area(GSA), General Postal Offices (USPS), and of course your friendly local Police Headquarters at 1 Police Plaza. Note: depending on the type and location, expect pat downs by security if doing the club scene. Have fun!


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When I took my nephew to the top of the Empire State Building, I was rather surprised to find a metal detector there.
So, other tourist attractions might have them as well.
Have a good time
I assume you know how to get to Carnigie Hall?

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Thanks for the info guys. The Empire State Building was the one I was worried about and couldn't remember from the last time I was in NYC. Course this time I'm looking to have fun not sight see. What better place to spend your 21st birthday than NYC with 20 friends.
Thanks again.
Hmmm... I don' t recall metal detectors on the top floor of the Empire State Building since last visiting. But that was quite some time ago. Perhaps the detector(s) were recently installed as a result of the miscreant from Florida who shot up a few tourists a few years back with a .380 Beretta. Don' t mean to upset you TLR, but do stay in condition yellow and have fun.


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."
Forget the knife stuff, congrats on having the talent to sing at the HALL!

Another place I KNOW they have metal detectors is at the NY Stock Exchange- I had a knife (Joel Chamblin wharncliffe) temporarily liberated but returned upon my exit. Probably applies to the regular tours there as well, not just the floor visitors. Don't know if the NYSE is to your liking (zzzzzz) but...

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tlr, I work in a federal building in D.C. with metal dectectors and I'm in and out several times a day. I sometimes carry a ministryker and have had no problems when I've used it as a money clip---just drop it on the table with your keys and change CLIP SIDE up. I flew out of BWI recently and they are now x-raying the little baskets with your keys and change. I was carrying a CRKT K.I.S.S. in money clip mode and I had no problems at either end. The great thing about that little knife is for the price if they hassle you and your in a hurry just let them keep it. While we are on the topic, does anyone know what the actual rules are for planes? I seem to recall a couple of years ago that the FCC rule for allowable blade length for carry on was 4 inches or less. I suppose different states and airlines could have their own more restrictive rules. In any case trying to explain to "Barney Fife" that the FCC says it is O.K. to carry my Buck 110 aboard is not a battle I've been willing to fight.