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Newbie first purchases and hello

Dec 30, 2000
Greetings and I am glad to be aboard. I have been browsing the forums for months and finally decided to take the plunge and get into this seriously. I decided to start with some production models and here is what Santa brought me or is on order:

First purchase of a quality folder was the MT mini SOCOM combo edge/black. WOW. Never owned a "good" knife before. Always a Case, or Gerber gator etc. This will be one of my daily carriers. Got the bug bad. I had to have a fullsize knife and bought the Cuda CQB -1. Once again very inmpressed particularly with the sheath. Any thoughts on this knife? I fell in love with the lines of the knife.

Back to folders. Decisions/Decisions... finally ordered an MT LCC manual Black combo edge, a second MT mini SOCOM, (always gotta have a spare!)
and a Benchmade AXIS 730 with (you guessed it) a black combo edge. These have not arrived yet.

I had around $600.00 saved up from extra work/jobs to spend on myself and thought this would be a good way to get the most bang/largest numbers of knives for the buck. Still contemplating the Al MAR Serre 2000. Should that be next? Or should I save and go custom later this year. I don't see how custom could be any better than these good production models. Any thoughts? Not planning to collect and store. All knives will be handled and used but not abused.

Other questions.

1. Does MT really sharpen the blades if you call in for RA #?

2. I know I will scratch the blades using most desktop sharpening systems/stones. Should I go with the edgepro?

3. Can the Cuda false edge be sharpened somewhat? If so how?

Thanks up front for your time, Glad to be a part of your forum. Hats off to all the moderators.


Wade - welcome to the forums as a full fledged member. Sounds like you are off to a good start with those blades you listed! The CQB1 is a great knife, one of my favorite larger fixed blades. Very well designed and executed, along with a great sheath. The false edge probably can be sharpened by a knifemaker who has a slack belt grinder, this is the only way I see it being done. BTW, if you like the CQB1, you might want to check out the Gerber Yari. It too is a slender fixed blade fighter design with a nice sheath.

The AMK SERE 2000 seems to be a favorite here among forumites. I don't have one yet ("yet" being the operative word
) though I've examined several specimens of this knife before and I cannot find anything wrong with it. All around well made knife. Definitely one to get if you like folders

Hope this info helps

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Welcome. The LCC is awesome. Where in MO are you? I am in Springfield.

Buying a spare? Well, you' ve already caught on quite well. Nice X mas stuff.

I have found thru personal use and recommendations to friends/ customers that the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 is the most "fool proof" of the current sharpeners on the market. I can confidently say that it is definitely among the favorites of quite a few of our fellow forum members. An accompanying video (sent after a request card is filled out and mailed) is included with Mr. Sal Glesser himself walking the viewer thru an introductory course.

Welcome to the forums.

bteel (Brian) I'm a KY bred now located in the burbs of St. Louis, and Nakano 2 thanks for the advice on the Sharpmaker. I may consider them. I have read a lot of positives on that system.


Hi Wade... I would like to welcome you to the Forums also, because it is a great place to buy, sell, trade, and learn about knives.

You are off to a good start, but don't limit yourself. There are a lot of excellent knife makers out there, and at reasonable prices. Makers like Andre' DeVilliers, Pat Crawford, and Chris Reeves, just to name a few. They all make some great knives.

The down side to buying knives, is that it becomes addictive. The doctors call it "Knifenutteritess", and this leads to "Denero-allgoneo".

Welcome again Wade, and good luck!

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Sharpmaker is a MUST.

Buy it now. Then try it out with one of your older knives. You probably won't even scratch the blade at all. I've rarely had that happen in my usage. You've got to have a way to keep all that expensive new steel sharp, so might as well get the 204 now.

(BTW, mine came with the video, I didn't have to send in a request for it. Is that how it's done now? Hmm.)

Nice to meet you, welcome, etc., etc., etc,!

Ya took your intial plunge very intellegently,very excellent choices in your first good blade selections.I agree with the Syderco 204 being an excellent choice of sharpening system,especially for the sharpening challenged like myself.I would say that you should have no problem with scratching the finish on the blade using this system.
Didn't take you long to do some serious damage to all those homeless knives running around out there. To answer your question about sharpening you should get a sharpmaker 204 to start and maybe a couple of really good bench hones and a strop. With a sharpmaker you're not likely to ever scratch the blade at all but to prevent it happening on any system just cover the blade with tape except for the edge. Have fun, stay sharp and welcome to the forums.

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Welcome! I'm new here myself. You are right that some of today's manufactured knives are just about equal in quality to the custom stuff. When I finally saw the LCC in person, I couldn't get the money out of my pocket fast enough. The SERE 2000 is also on my short list. Good luck.
Thanks to all and narruc1 thanks for the info on DeVilliers. Did a search on the custom forum here and found his website and other good info. Had heard/seen pieces from Crawford and Chris R. but never heard of DeVilliers till you mentioned him. Picked up a lot here and on the net over the last months of lurking, however, never ran into that maker.


Wade, I'd also like to welcome you here, to compliment you on your chioces and to suggest that you get a Sharpmaker 204. It's great to hear that you also took your time to look and learn here first, not many Newbies do that. If you become a regular here you will soon find you're going to hear about a new maker just about every day. I've been here over a year and I'm still being introduced to other makers. Not just hear about them, but to meet them and exchange ideas with them. The roster of makers that post here is amazing.

I hope you have a wonderful time here, and to all Happy New Year

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I wanted to chime in and say that the Sharpmaker 204 is the right tool. I bought one a couple of months ago, and must say I love it. There are three items I bought because they are recommended here so often. They kept coming up and seemed that everyone liked them they are Spyderco native, Microtech Lcc, and the 204 sharpmaker. Turns out everyone was right.
Welcome First Admiral Commodore Sir!

It's good to see another long timer lurker join the ranks of actively posting forumites (sounds like a crime, huh?). Anyone, enjoy our little nightmare. The plot line can take dramtic and unforseen twists and turns, but if you are a good driver, and have a high tolerance for drivel, you will do fine. Again, Welcome!

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Hello Paracelsus and was that last bit a quest for more info on me? Ha, it worked!

Commodorefirst has been my "ID" for a long while on the net. In honor of my first and second computers. (Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga) I was one of the first BBS moderators/SYSOPS in the midwest back in the 70's with a 900 baud modem. Things sure have changed. DSL is great. Currently doing battle against the forces of evil with several macs.

Wow, 1900+ posts. I have several hundred on various other forums (guns, CPU's, Mac sites) can't imagaine 1900+. Bravo. Never in the military, however, highest rank ever received is Fine Arts Administrator in a large school district. I can drivel with the best, and I am not afraid to politlely speak my opinion. (even though it has gotten me a few evil stares!)

Cheers, and thanks for the welcome.


p.s. looks like sharpmaker 10 or so votes and edgemaker a strong 1-2 votes. next knife SERE2000 or save for Custom?
Hiya Commodore -- I hear alot of good things about the sharpmaker, but having had the spyderco bench stones and the lansky system, as well as a set of crock sticks, I skipped over the sharpmaker and went straight to edgepro. It's alot more expensive, but I love the system. The "infinite" number of angles and the guide system makes it pretty simple to put a crisp edge on just about anything. The water stones are a bit messy, but a towel spread under the system catches it all.

I've never owned a CQB (although I've been looking at it alot lately, so that may change
), but judging from the pics I'd say you could sharpen the false edge with a table, some C-clamps, and a smooth file. With an edgepro it would be simple to then put an even edge bevel on the new edge. Sharpmaker could do it too, or even bench stones, but I wouldn't want to try it

Welcome Commodorefirst! I also lurked the forums for months before joining in.

Consider this another vote for the 204, it is cheap and easy to use. If you add an 1000/1200 grit stone and a strop, you will get a even 'scarier' edge. If you have patience though, it would be best to teach yourself to use bench stones, then you will be able to sharpen almost anything.

Happy New Year!

welcome commodore, i joined the first day i found this place! guess i'm special!
. i have friends in la. that have been lurking a while and have yet to join!


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