Newbie has LCC D/A

May 20, 2000
Ok everyone, I am new to this knife stuff, and I may have biten off more than I can handle, but I have it now; Now how does it work??
Congatulations on your new knife. I can not tell you how it works since D/A knives aren't legal in these parts, I have no experience with them. Good luck.
BTW welcome to the forums.
Hey anyman,

you have to tweek the bolster to the side. Position your thumb AS IF you were going to close the liner lock. NOW, with the blade closed , put your thumb on this same "sweet spot" push the bolster over to your right.

Don't feel bad we all took a few at first sight I'm sure.
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank> The solution!!

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Guys thanks, I've been staring and playing with this thing for two hours, I would never have figured it out with your help, thanks again. Al