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Newbie: I got a question

Dec 27, 2006
Hi, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum or anything, but I'm wondering about the value of some buck knives I have.

I have a practically new condition Buck Knife #115 sportsman set. This includes #103 skinner and the (discontinued) #118 personal knife, along with a double sheath. I have the original box, sheath, and both knives; everything is in excellent condition, never used. I'm not sure how old this set is, but I've had it for at least 10 years, and I'm sure it's probably a good 10 years older than that. Can anyone tell me what this whole package should be worth? Thanks.
...Leatherneck you should get a reply to your question pretty quick. This is like a "Detox Clinic" for Buck fixed blade collectors...LOL...There are a buncha folks in here that know volumes about Buck fixed blades and the 115 Combo in particular...My name's Darryl and I'm a "Buck Folder Addict" ...:eek:...LMBO...Welcome to the "Clinic" ...errrrr...I mean forum... :p
What stamp is on the blades?
I'm not an expert by any means but I have seen this set selling for $100 +
on feebay. Alot depends on how perfect everything is too! Are all the warranty papers etc. included also? Pictures available to post?
Just my .02. Good luck!

Darryl why are you holding out on us yet? :D It is inevitable- (Buck fixed blade addict) :D
First off, thanks for some quick replies. Also, it's good to now I'm in the right place. Okay, I looked through it and the warranty papers are included. Also, the stamp on the blades read as follows: If you turn the blade up into the air, handle downward, they each read (from top to bottom):
103 (or 118)

Now for some pictures; I apologize that the quality isn't that great.



...Leatherneck you should get a reply to your question pretty quick. This is like a "Detox Clinic" for Buck fixed blade collectors...LOL...There are a buncha folks in here that know volumes about Buck fixed blades and the 115 Combo in particular...My name's Darryl and I'm a "Buck Folder Addict" ...:eek:...LMBO...Welcome to the "Clinic" ...errrrr...I mean forum... :p

hi L'neck, my name is dave and i am a 110 addict...
well it is not realy a detox as there is no cure...
it is more lilke a yes we are here if you have an attack to help place ...

no date code means pre 1986...
that set is poplure with the bunch that likes it "Fixed" not bent...
i am sure some one will come up with a price range...

we have a doc that comes on some times .... he likes to help ...
kinda like a buck vetanearian i guess...
welcome to this neck ~0~ the woods!
what other bucks ya got ?
picts we need more picts!!!
Actually, those are the only ones I have. Here are some better quality pics of the blades, though.



I'm not much of a knife collector; I love knives, but I'm more interested in pieces for use rather than collection. I just remembered that I've had these for a long time and knew absolutely nothing about them, and I was kinda wondering what I had and what they might be worth.

ETA: THOSE knives have never been used, they've just sat in the box for over 20 years. I was just getting at my attitude about knives in general.
Hello again!
Are there 2 micarta spacers at the pommel (Butt) end of the knife?
Or just one in between the 2 aluminum pieces? Is there a date printed on the warranty paper at the bottom?
I know that they are 1985 or older... from the tang stamp...
As far as value... like I said I am not an expert but they are worth $100.00 +
Value is always what you can find someone to pay! This set (115) is discontinued, and the 118 knife is also no longer made in that form, if the right collector came along it could be fairly valuable, but I would keep it if I were you! Looks very nice!!!
Hope I helped a little :D
Don't ask me.
I was dumb 'nuff to pay $133 for a 103c Woody.
I know a little about a lot...but a lot about little...
Jim, I understand what you're saying and feel as you do...it was a fishing expedition and he landed a whopper. Most likely won't be back here again and if'n he does...may get even less of a response:grumpy:. Preston
I'm not sure I understand...leatherneck556 was looking for an estimate of value of the set, wasn't he??? And if I read correctly, he got it...And that's exactly what it sold for, so the estimate was pretty much spot-on...

Estimates, age, how-to: that's pretty much what led all of us here... :)
If he wanted an estimate of value in order to sell them, he should post to Bernard Levines forum...
I for one will not waste time with estimates any more...

wh4f -

I do understand what you're saying...I don't much give out estimates either...and DarrylS felt much the same way about the guy who sold that old 110 for $860.99...after asking here what it would be worth...

But if you've noticed, the mods will move a Buck thread here if it is about estimates, rather than to Bernards' Forum...dunno why...maybe it's the way the poster words his post... :confused:

If you recall, you're not supposed to come out and say you're selling anything in this Forum...that's what the For Sale Forum (either of them) is for...so if someone wants to know how much it's worth, and get an impartial (not from a prospective buyer!) estimate in order to know what to ask for, isn't this the place to come??? Isn't this the Buck Knives Forum??? Sponsored by Buck Knives???

I dunno...I suppose I see both sides... ;)

I'll shut up now... :D
Sorry I even typed out my thoughts!

Don't get your panties in a knot... :D I was just expressing my thoughts too... :rolleyes:

Not necessarily popular ones...but I don't believe in "politically correct" BS... :grumpy:

I notice there's a *lot* of new people coming in here lately...That can only be good for Kevin, and by extension Buck Knives...

Let's not get elitist like some of the knife Forums... ;)

I notice nobody in this thread suggested that leatherneck556 might sell in Bladeforums.com...

If somebody wants an estimate, let's give him one, and suggest that he sell it *here*...

How's about that??? :cool: